Friday , June 2 2023

Mumps with depression should get help earlier – Uppsala


Already today, there are routines for finding mothers who have symptoms of depression. This is done by research on BVC a few weeks after the delivery, when the mother brings the child to control. Now, at the Women's Clinic at the Academic Hospital, you identify your mothers much earlier, and therefore they are already ahead of BB. There mothers who go home can answer some questions, some kind of "checklist". Answers are achieved and the greater the result, the greater the risk of subsequent depression.

The papers are working on the development of an algorithm that follows the Basic Study that started in 2009, where some 6,000 mothers could respond to different questionnaires during pregnancy and postnatal delivery.

"If you catch mothers early this morning, they can quickly help and make them better and can be good with the baby," says Alkistis Skalkidou, senior physician and professor at the Department of Women and Children's Health at the Academic Hospital.

She stresses that depression is in itself maltreated. Mothers do not always want help. But by identifying those who are at high risk, they can be offered real help on time.

"It's important to be cured. If you feel good, you may be the mother you want," says Alkistis Skalkidou.

She also considers it important to improve the formation of parents so that future parents become aware that depression can affect anyone. Through increased education, she hopes to be able to seize guilt and shame.

"The new mom must not feel like a" good girl. "They do not have to feel that they can solve everything, says Alkistis Skalkidou.

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