Saturday , June 3 2023

New discovered planets on neighboring star


Astronomers have discovered a planet that revolves around Barnard's star, only six light years from the sun, in the constellation Ormbararen. Because the star is so close, scientists have long been trying to find signs of having planets. With the help of measurements taken 20 years ago, a large international research team has now managed to see that the star has a mossy movement that reveals that the planet circles it.

The planet is at least 3.2 times larger than the earth. Planets that are heavier than earth, but less than the solar system, ice giants Uranus and Neptune are usually called supersoils. The newly discovered planet turns its sun at 40% of the distance from Earth to Sun. Because Barnard's star is a great red dwarf, it's very cold on the planet even though it's so close to its sun, and the environment is probably not very useful for life.

The closest neighboring planet outside the solar system is Prokima b, as reported in F & F 9/2016, at a distance of 4.2 light years. Planet Barnard's star is now our closest known exoplanet.

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