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The corn color from 2019 is white, green and gold


Cold and snowy January days like these may be difficult to realize that spring is not that far. During a Wednesday rally in Mariaskolan, this May Mow Flover was discovered by 15-year-old Alice Almarales Mossberg who designed an affiliate poster.

The flower itself was designed by a thirteen-year-old Saga, who through Majblomman announces that he is too boring to be with and placed on the picture.

– Of the total of 14,000 entries, Saga's Green and White papers were voted. It feels very elastic and is very fun because it returns to 1918 when we also had a white dad like a corn flower, says Tove Lindahl Greve.

the painting 1 from 2

Photo: Majklommans Riksforbund

the painting 2 from 2

Photo: Majklommans Riksforbund

The story about Mai Flover started 1907 when Beda Hallberg founded the organization. It was guided by a strong commitment to children and young people and wanted to give everyone the opportunity to contribute to a better and more equal society. The flower was sold on May 1 each year and initially cost 10 ores. Over the years, Majblomman provided financial support to children who for various reasons needed. Today's poverty of children is a focus of flowers and financial support to children living in economic vulnerability.

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– We are also working on changes at a more structural level and affecting decision makers. It does not matter which family you have or the background from which you are coming. All children should have meaningful free time and feel a future jump.

Alice Almarales Mossberg are artists behind this year's Maiflover poster.

Alice Almarales Mossberg are artists behind this year's Maiflover poster.

Photo: Majklommans Riksforbund

To paint one The poster, inspired by this May's flower, has been a tradition since 1912 when Carl Larsson was assigned a task. Last year, children were asked to paint a poster.

– Alice who painted this year's poster is inspired by all the rights of the children no matter where you come from. Everyone looks different, but they are together in the picture, says Tove Lindahl Greve.

Each year, there are about 70,000 children who, with the help of teachers and other adults, sell Majlomman. Last year, 66 million Swedish kroner was received.

– The few hours you spend on sales in April contribute a lot. It can be thought that this is only a small spring symbol, but children who are selling are involved and create a better and stronger society.

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