Monday , October 3 2022

The government wants to explode for an offshore wind farm


– Offshore wind energy has huge potential, says Environment and Climate Minister Per Bolund (MP) at a press conference with Igeman.

They say the expansion will primarily increase electricity supply in southern Sweden. But they do not say when the expansion can give results in the form of electricity for businesses and households.

He was given a task

The government will decide to give Svenska Kraftnat the task of expanding the network at sea. The purpose is to reduce connection costs for offshore wind farms. This makes it cheaper for electricity producers to build wind energy at sea.

In recent years, interest in offshore wind farms has risen sharply. In the now terminated energy agreement from 2016 between the government, Christian Democrats, moderates and the Center Party, it was announced that the fee for connecting to the land network would be abolished. But the government has not been realized.

Compensation has previously been highlighted as a factor that stands in the way of major expansion because it makes it difficult to reconcile economic budgets.

The defense ceases

Another obstacle was that, among other things, the Armed Forces opposed the expansion plans, citing the fact that it could encroach on the interests of the Armed Forces.

Just under a year ago, Svenska Kraftnat received applications corresponding to approximately 40 gigawatts in force. To date, that number has grown to 135 gigawatts in 70 different unique applications. This can be translated into approximately 500 terawatt hours (TVh) of annual electricity production, compared to approximately 140 TVh consumed by Sweden in one year.

Wind power is the fastest growing type of electricity.

– In Sweden, there are currently huge investments in wind farms, which take place without subsidies, says the Minister of Climate and Environment, Per Bolund (MP).

Critics argue that government plans to reduce land connection costs in practice mean an unfair subsidy to other types of energy.

– The designers themselves bear the costs from the area in the sea in which Svenska Kraftnat has expanded the transmission network to its power plants, says Per Bolund.

It has advantages

According to Anders Igeman, wind energy at sea has many advantages.

– By facilitating the spread of wind energy at sea, we contribute to a power system with high security of supply and low impact on the environment and electricity at competitive prices, he says.

He says that the applications that are waiting for the expansion of 350 terawatt hours are related to projects that would be important for the southern part of the country, where the supply and price of electricity are significantly higher than in Norland.

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