Monday , March 20 2023

The Green Party wants to increase the capital tax SVT News


The Green Party hits about four percent of the polls. During the party’s digital congress, a social justice program has now been adopted that he hopes will have the support of voters.

The most comprehensive item is that capital taxation needs to change to bring in more money for welfare and climate change.

New capital taxation

The MP wants to replace today’s capital taxes with a box model. Capital assets and liabilities are put in a “box” and then the combined value of the box is taxed – instead of profits being taxed, for example, by sales.

– It should be a tax based on standards, similar to the case with ISK (savings accounts for investments) today. The more capital you have, the more you have to pay – the progressive model we have with income today, says spokesman Per Bolund.

The box model did not pass without resistance. Gabriella Rehbinder, who sits on the councilor’s list in Stockholm, wanted the congress to say no.

-That would make it profitable to increase its indebtedness, she says.

There is no property tax

There will be no reintroduction of property taxes, as some environmentalists have warned, because the party makes a difference between, for example, income from capital from the stock exchange and real estate, says Bolund.

The MP will now also advocate for the reintroduction of higher taxes for those with the highest incomes and for a change in the housing tax so that apartments are not rewarded for rent.

The party board also proposed an increase in the tax on holiday homes, but at this moment, it was annulled by the Congress.

Support for reinforced safety nets

The Green Party wants to build what is called a new, green people’s home and greatly strengthens the state security network.

Benefit levels in social protection systems will be increased, inter alia in the form of enhanced unemployment insurance, health insurance and income support. The MP wants to merge them into a single security system, which received support at the congress.

During the second day of the congress, it was also decided that the MP would work on the complete abolition of the deduction for the qualification period in health insurance, which was partially abolished during the pandemic.

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