Saturday , May 21 2022

The Ikea sphere raises questions about buying H & M from the stock market


The investment of Ikea Sphere billion in H & M surprised many, but the review of the personal gallery shows that there are clear links. At the same time, H & M investment is a "sensitive thing".

ikeasphere billion of investments in H & M Many are surprised, but the gallery review shows that there are clear links.

Anders Dahlig, a member of the H & M Board of Directors since 2010, had worked in close co-operation with the two who ultimately decided to enter Ikea's Intergo into the ownership list of the clothing company.

When Anders Dahlig was Executive Director of Ingka Holding in the early 2000s, which was generally regarded as the parent company in the strict corporate structure of Ikea, Hans Gidell was Deputy Executive Director and CFO Søren Hansen.

Hans Gidell and Søren Hansen are today Chairman and CEO of Interogo Holding, a company that has bought more than 10 million shares in H & M during the third quarter, something that has become known through new ownership statistics and reporting to the Director's Director-General in mid-October.

Share the item, which corresponds to 0.6 percent of H & M shares worth just over 1.6 billion SEK. Purchase was made through the company 1H Capital HC1 AB, owned by Interogo Holding, which managed the Ikea Sphere financial investments from 2016. Interogo Holdings is in turn owned by a foundation with almost the same name and was founded by Ingvar Kamprad.

Anders Dahlvig and Søren Hansen are sitting in the Dutch Inter Ikea Holdings today. Inter Ikea is another branch of Ikea's corporate structure, though with the same equity as Intergo.

Investing in H & M is an obviously sensitive issue. None of the respondents wants to set up a short interview.

"Thank you no this time. If you have specific questions, please send them by mail, "says Carl Fried, a spokeswoman for the Interogo investment firm, after several attempts by Direct to contact any of the involved people, including Interogo Investment Manager Henry Jonsson and said Hans Gidell, Søren Hansen and Anders Dahlig.

According to the company's website, Interog's investments are divided into three areas: real estate, funds managed by IFM in Luxembourg and Nalka Invest as a focus on Nordic SMEs.

Direct investment in H & M lists a strange bird in an external browser in an Intergoo investment business. When directly through the email, Intergo asked for another example of direct direct investment in a large marketed company, such cases disappeared from Intergo.

The Ikea sphere entered A list of H & M owners, with their respective secrets, takes place in the light of diligent theories and speculations that the Persson family wants to buy a company from the stock market. Owning it, it is claimed that the principal owner must do this together with the big partner.

"We refrain from speculating on hypothetical issues. The purchase of shares of Intergo Holdings is based on the assessment that this is a good long-term financial investment. So our decision", Intergo replies via email about whether Intergo will consider taking over the role of the chief partner of the Persson family.

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