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"The last time we saw him"

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Try again

See Faltsetin gest in the top player.

Geteborg. Alekander Faltsetas did a bad knee after the volt failed.
Andreas Alm is now opening a ban on the target.
– It's not impossible, really, says Hacken coach.
"I can not promise anything," says Faltsetas, and laughs.

Midfielder Alekander Faltsetas gave Hacken a top-kick in the Cup final against AFC Eskilstuna. The Veznik reached the top of the corner and scored 1-0 early for the home team – a leadership that was not released at that time and the team took its second title in the story.

But after the goal, Faltsetas tried to carry his own special gesture for the goal, the type of the series with volts – but this time ended with flat cases. Faltsetas slid into the artificial grass of the sucker and landed straight. Regarding the movements, he also made a knee poor. In the second half, Faltestas was replaced, according to coach Andreas Alma, for the pain that followed the failed gesture.

– He whispered to the whole half and went late because he was injured after the volume, says Alm.

– It's probably the last time we saw him. It was a difficult, but a good goal.

Andreas Alm would no longer like to see similar attempts in the future.

– It's probably the last time we saw him.

How do you see that he is doing the wrong knee after the goal gestures?
– He is not the first to be injured after gestures, but I do not think it will repeat so often that he is trying it, that's my conclusion.

Asked whether he intended to forbid Faltsetas to make his target more than once, coach Hacken says:

– It's not impossible. Indeed, this is not impossible. But I do not think I should ban him, I think he is taking it himself.

Alekander Faltsetas himself, when he met with the media, later heard about Almov's possible ban. However, he himself did not want to swear that he would not happen the next time he found the network.

– I heard this, but I can not promise anything. But luck is that I do not do as many goals, says and laughs.

– You should not be doing this, but I promised my son to make 1-0 at the forefront before the game, so you became so terribly happy.

Faltsetas explains that he had some knee problems before.

– I had pain in my knees before and when I was nodding my head, shaking and turning, I got a lot of pain in my knee. Then I was full of adrenaline and joy with all that meant. Then I could not finish the goalkeeper. You know wet …

The knee was no better than that?
– No, really not, but you do not get a cup every day.

Is there a risk that you will miss the match on Sunday?
– I do not know, we'll see. It's been a few more days.

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