Sunday , April 2 2023

The man in the 85's is missing – The police go to a special event. | Gothenburg message


The 85-year-old man walked out for a walk between 13am and 3pm on Sunday afternoon, but has not been invited since.

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The promenade in the afternoon belongs to the everyday routine of a man, but he never returned on Sunday.

"The relatives first searched for themselves, but then they reported to the police," said Hans Lippens, a spokesman for the president of the police in the western region.

The lack of a man lives in Gallinga in the municipality of Kungsbacka. As the man left his home, he had a red-haired jacket, sneakers, a knit dark hat, bearded hair. The lack of a man has a narrow body structure and is about 180 centimeters long.

Usually he takes his daily walk on one side of the road 916, around Langaresjon.

Police patrol patrols are searching for lakes in the nearby area during the night without any major success.

On Monday morning, the police went to the so-called "special event", which means that the means for searching for a priority are prioritized.

"If you have planned things, then it will come back, it's a priority in the priority," says Hans Lippens.

According to him, the field in the search area is problematic, with many lakes and mosses.

"We'll see if the helicopter can move, but it's foggy, so we can not fly there for safety reasons," he says.

Man's relatives announced on Monday morning that the police wanted to get acquainted with the media, as well as taxi companies and local traffic in Kungsbacka municipality.

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Have you seen this man? Contact the police at 114 14 and the emergency call is 112.

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