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The number of surgical nurses fell dramatically in Halland – News in Halmstad – 24 hours a day

For 20 years, the number of medical nurses in the field of medicine and surgery has been reduced by 68% in Sweden, according to the National Health Committee, which was drafted by the Cyber ​​News Agency. This has most likely affected recent long lines for operations.

– There is a clear connection, yes. There is a general lack of nurses and then the hospitals are not working properly, "the state investigator said. Kenth Naucler sirene agency

It was in Haland 1995. 700 nurses in medicine and surgery, but this figure has dropped dramatically, and 20 years later, 2015, in the Halland field, there are only 250 nurse specialists.

Source: National Committee for Social Affairs + Siren News Agency

In 1995, it was around 25,800 nurses in Sweden with medical or surgical education. Twenty years later, the number fell to around 8,200. This corresponds to a reduction of more than two-thirds, although Sweden's population in these years has grown by about 10 percent. The fall was the fall of the county of Norrbotten, where the number decreased by 76 percent.

Kent Naucler led a recently published state investigation into the future training of specialist nurses.

"We have seen that the lack of interest is greatest for these two specialist courses. The research proposes a range of measures to correct it," he told the news agency Siren.

According to research, they are being considered Specially educated nurses are often "stupid" by the employer. Their skills have not been optimized, which has led to less popularity of further education. The investigation suggests, among other things, that the role of a nurse career specialist becomes clearer and that he looks at increased responsibility.

Senior specialist nurses were trained in surgery than in medicine, a ratio of about 60/40. However, in the statistics of professionals, they are reported together because education has been created for many years. Kenth Naucler points out that the Swedish three-year training nurse is solid and he does not see that the basic concern is in danger.

– However, there is a risk of patient safety when education is not regular and if there is no access to experienced nurses and specialist nurses. The overall competence of a health unit is absolutely critical to patient safety, Siren says.

Source: National Committee for Social Affairs + Siren News Agency

Source: National Committee for Social Affairs + Siren News Agency

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