Tuesday , May 30 2023

They can be opened for more family reunions


The judgment of the Supreme Court on Migration can be opened for multiple family immigration, despite the restrictions in the provisional law on asylum, Ekot reports on Swedish Radio.

The Supreme Court for Migration assessed differently from the Migration Board and the Migration Court. Stock Photos.the painting: Adam Vrafter / SvD / TT

The verdict relates to eight-year-olds from Syria who entered Sweden with their uncle in 2015. The eight-year-old later became a temporary residence permit as an alternative to the needs of protection until 2020.

Both the Migration Board and the Migration Board decided that reunification with parents would only be possible in Sweden, but they nevertheless rejected family registration when his uncle was eight years old here.

The interim law on asylum has virtually stopped all family reunification.

But the Supreme Court for Migration has sentenced the contrary in the case. It states that the decision violates both the European Convention and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Louise Dane, a public law professor at the University of Stockholm, says authorities in the future must take into account the comprehensive convention on children, and not just parts that are in accordance with Swedish law.

"Because many people who have been granted a residence permit as an alternative to the protection needs of recent years have been from Syria, the situation is similar to the one in which we have in this case that we can not reunite in our own country. similar conclusions even in other goals, she says on the radio.

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