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Under all the criticisms


Usually it is said that November is the heaviest month when the game schedule is solid, initial overload has passed the rhythm, and the importance of the boldness to retain exercise, mental overload and the ability to overcome fatigue are key factors for the result

Before the season was allowed must i Kiruna As the bottom layer of the majority and after 16 matches, I do not see any reason to revise my prophecy.
Tonight they meet with a team in Timrama.
I will not paint it as a "crisis meeting," but the losing team in the future will do it very cool.

I have to do, with what I think is weaker, successful in time consistent.
Yes. Consistent.
Probably the toughest and most useful cliché in today's hockey.
What is actually meant by consistency?
Of course, this differs from the team to the team, but in the Morris and Timra case, it's about being extremely careful in the defensive position, it's hard to work as teams and almost at a millimeter, knowing what to do in defense games.
Timra is the team that releases most of the goals (54) and Mora's second goal (51) and that's something I take for granted almost every day.

Timber's defense game was successful last year, but also during the season when it was difficult for you to get to know, shoot, be compact in your zone and cheat offensive.
I do not know if that's it everyday who entered or, after a surprising introduction, got a hybrid and got rid of what made them successful.
I'm talking about the defense game.
The last ten games have fallen 42 goals. Therefore, the average of four goals per game compared to twelve goals scored the first six games.
After six games, they scored 12 points against five points in the last ten games.

Sometimes the analysis does not have to be more difficult than actually looking at simple and legible statistics and comparing it with what it actually looked like.
On a less flattering slide show, I made four of Djurgarden's six goals by the end of Timr and it is clear that the defense plays under current criticism.

Alekander Urbom remained alone, and he knew 1-0.

Sebastian Strandberg stays in the middle and can score 3-1

Jonathan Davidsson can not get into the penalty spot and act according to Jesper Pettersson's goal to make it 4-1.

Emil Bemstrom has a free kick in the middle and can easily play the game 5-2.

The pictures illustrate the problems of Timrah in the defense that were directly weak and the importance of quickly adjusting and improving important game details will be crucial for the future.
At the same time, you realized how difficult you are to punish if you make mistakes, then light up the orthine, which turns out to be overcomer players who do not work together as a team.
It was a big difference in the team game at the end of a nice introduction that you had in the season.
Tree to the Sea tonight, so I'm looking forward to it

The other evenings are:

Skelleftea – Malmo
Skelefte's victory against Frulunde gave her the confidence that anyone was made in chains (mixed anatomy on Moller and Lindstrom) and had a little more pressure in the game. Interesting performance in poverplai with five forward, where Moller had a position like back, Lindstrom's player, Holllowe on the left-hand draw, Aaltonen (near the saloon goal) in the free roll, and Ericsson in front of the goal.
Malmo has a great competitive situation on the front, for example, for the last time, Mak Gertz was seen.
Malmo won the last time the team met two weeks ago with 4-2

Brinas- Farjestad
A good match against Brinas against Malmo is in the first match of Magnus Sundkvist as head coach.
In the end, he appointed Brina's board responsible for replacing Sjodin with Sundkvist when Farjestad last played with Brinas and won 6-0.
It's not yet certain whether Micheal Lindquist will play or not, but will ride on a bus from Karlstad to Gavle.

Orebro- Rogle
A heavy loss went to Orebro to lower colleague Mori. I see continuous problems for Orebro in the matches that are expected to win. In the end, you're not really chopped.
Rogle started the match against Farjestad in a great and intense way and should look for the first period with few goals. Looking at the five most recent games, the other is the most powerful team in the Rogle series after Lule.

Today he is flying home and learning tonight to fly on ice. Of course, the talk of Akel Jonsson Fjallbi gives even greater speed to a good team.
Frolunda scored an impressive place where he defended himself defensively.
Frolunda won the premiere between the 2-1 team, where only defensive road won.

Follow what I consider, the two best pokerplai series.

Vakjo- Lulea
The question is whether Luleo can lose now?
However, the last time the team met after the extension for 3-2.
I'm so impressed by what you've achieved in spite of the fact that you missed the attackers who were supposed to try this team.
It starts so slow after a slow start and it's just a matter of time before it's one of the first five.

Linkoping- HV71
The last team met with Linkoping in his beautiful run when he easily won 5-1. In fact, the HV71 was better in that match without the ability to achieve the phenomenal Jonas Gustavsson while Linkoping's dividend was meaningless. The last five games of Linkoping scored a point and came to the reality I predicted.
Offensive, only eight goals were scored during these five games, and in an interview on Linkoping's website, the recipe recipe by Tommi Jonsson was to overcome an attack that was "a bit more up to it".
The HV is still a stuck team and although the basic statistics are sharp, they do not really reach the table and the efforts vary greatly in quality.

Full circle, seven games.
Is it better than a dark day in November?

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