Friday , June 2 2023

Vote! What game do you want Blizzard to remind you of the following?


In addition to learning more about Blizzard's mobile progress (and Blizzard learned that many deny it), during Blizzcon's presentation, we got another trial attempt to rename.

Last year we got it Starcraft: Remastered and by 2019 there will be another remaster Varcraft III: Reforged, which gives us Varcraft III (2002) and expansion Frozen Throne (2003) in the package.

And then? It's refreshed diablo, and above all Diablo II even if Blizzard, according to him, can be "difficult". Vorld of Varcraft does not receive any remaster (it is always the case) already Classic edition. We do not know what's going on reforged but at least it is clear that Blizzard got the taste of remasters.

Let's vote for what we would like to see next. Below are the majority (but not all) Blizzard titles that were published earlier Varcraft III. Prior to real-time strategy and click-to-action action games, Blizzard had a good eye for platform games and rock climbing. Then there were other times.

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