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100 million players, free packages, new classic cards


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Yesterday, November 5, Blizzard's managers announced an update for Hearthstone that has everything. So, in the next few days, you can collect free cards to celebrate 100 million gems, earn a lot of gold on special claims and find new cards in classic packages. We've captured all of the new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Soon after The publication of Rastakhan's Rambazamba The Blizzard executives have a big update for Hearthstone in BlizzCon (buy now for € 0.00) published. Among other things, the developers want to celebrate a new milestone with this patch, about 100 million players gathered in the inn. At the end of the news you will find a video in which we thank you for your support.

But Blizzard has more willingness to celebrate your success! If you sign up for a match between November 7 and November 11, you will receive up to six cards from Dr. Ing. Bumm's secret laboratory for your collection. In addition, you can download the "Take on players" search for which you should play against a friend in any mode. You will be rewarded with 100 gold, altogether you can repeat this task on November 7th.

In addition, new versions of classic cards and card slots have appeared in play with the update. You will find them in the next gallery.

Hearthstone: New Classic Call of the Void.

Finally, there were a number of improvements and bug fixes, here's a patch record from the official Hearthstone site:

Download enhancements

We still have improvements fireplace-App for mobile devices.

  • The mobile data download option is no longer stored between sessions. You must give consent when new data is to be downloaded.
  • To improve the performance of the game, downloads are now stopped during the games.
  • For smartphones, map graphics is customized to reduce the size of the application.

Improvements in gameplay and bug fixes

  • Minor Bucanian now gets a +2 attack when his values ​​are traded by Lezerreißer.
  • The effects of the deadly hit of a swapped weapon are now being triggered simultaneously with the destruction of members of the board game. Dispute Drive gun can no longer save Servants to destroy them Bloodblade Battlecri.
  • Fixed error that could lead to the demolition when Little Magic Jasper and Bomba pulled out of a bad infection.
  • Reactivating the Deathstalker Rekkar's Beastbok will no longer be delayed if Dragon of Coldarra or Garrison Commander is in the game.
  • Fixed an error that sometimes caused the sound effect of reflecting Shad's Reflection from Valeira to fade twice.
  • Fixed a problem that could lead to a fatal error while interrupting the opponent's tasks and did not connect to a particular game.
  • The seasonal prize draw in the Demand List now shows the highest ranking that has been achieved, not the current rank, as foreseen.
  • If you are looking for a wildcard folder when you create standard decks in the collection, you will now get a "Find out the results of a wild set" message.
  • A fixed error in which return players could be stuck in the search for an opponent.
  • There was a scaling error fireplaceFixed stores on high resolution screens.
  • Fixed several graphical errors related to cover formulas, a list of friends and new ranked players.
  • [Mobilgeräte] Several errors were fixed which did not show cards created by Schreiter Fal & # 39; Dorei and Deck of Vonders on some mobile devices.
  • [Android] fireplace it will now appear as foreseen on the OnePlus6 devices.

You can find more about Blizzard card game on our Hearthstone theme.

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