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Bernera – IB loses to Champions League with 1: 3 and now needs a miracle – Football – Sport


Since 2007, a new stadium has been built in Valencia. To date, the original planned 2010 Nou Mestalla has not been completed. Financial concern continually leads to the freezing of the facility. Currently there are no workers at the site. However, the stadium should be completed in 2021.

What does this have to do with the IB game? On the one hand, due to the delay, Berne may be playing in the Mestalla timezone, the stadium with the most strident stands in Europe yesterday. On the other hand, the Bernese Games in a way reminds us of the cramped construction of the stadium in Valencia.

Before the fourth round of the Champions League, young guys – like Valencia CF before the start of construction work – are looking forward to a good start. The strong second half of 1-1 in the first match two weeks ago and the league and cup successes, where IB, in spite of the deficits still defeated, filled the yellow-black tank with confidence. Valencia, who just won once in the Primera Division and is expected to win at home since May, seems to be whim.

Earlier backlog

But in the starting phase it follows – similar to freezing in the 2009 stadium – the first drop. First of all, IB is lucky that Rodrigo (4th) is not accounted for due to the alleged offensive situation.

Ten minutes later, guests fall into the backyard. Initially, captain von Bergen hit the ball, and Sov, Lauper and Mbab just watched the skin fall over Soller and post in front of the scorer's legs. IB can not answer. The Bernese game, as planned in the ball, gets a "quick vertical", but usually immediately in the opponent's legs.

Assale gives hope in a short time

But as in 2011, when Valencia announces an agreement with the Spanish bank to finance the stadium, IB also has a bright spot yesterday. After the ball was defeated by Sanogo Jang Bois in the 37th minute on Hoarau, Fassnacht and Assale. He puts the ball in the penalty area by sailing and sinks with a full shot in the long corner. 1: 1. The faith in the sensation returned.

But only three minutes after equalizing Valencia. Again, the defense in Bern is fine and has to watch Mina holding her foot on the well-set wing of Soller and marking her second goal. And that. The Spanish financial crisis in 2012, just one year after the agreement, ensures that FC Valencia, a loan of hundreds of millions, will be withdrawn.

After Sanogo Red, the match is over

After the break, it is still too wrongly trained for IB. Valencia controls the action and leaves no further chances. Instead, the Spaniard put another needle in the 56th minute. Valencia plays with a fine combination of three Berners. Soler runs alone from Ballmoos and transforms the sovereign. 3: 1 is a preliminary decision. At the latest in the 77th minute, as Sanogo for a hard-footed open solstice against Kokuelin's knee with a direct red spot, the match is over.

IB does not lose because of this action, but because it plays a lot of bad passes and loses double view of the enemy in the defensive. "These are small details that differ on this level," says Bergen. The above mistakes also punish the problematic Valencia, who this season first scored more than two goals. In the two upcoming games against Manchester United and Juventus in Turin, the miracle must now cross into Europe. IB must have won both matches. By the way, almost nobody in Valencia believes that Nou Mestalla, as announced in 2017, will be available in 2021.

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