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Black Friday growth – the economy

Four years ago he was never known – there are people who take away their free day because of him: Black Friday. The 2014 Negotiating Day was introduced from the United States, today celebrates great success in this country, that is, a big deal. For example, 120 million Swiss francs will be reversed only on Friday, estimates the start of Switzerland in Geneva.

The fact that the black baker has long been not buzzing in the Swiss head is reflected in Google search. Five years ago, only a few browsers for "black Friday" started in Switzerland, and then picked up each year until it reached the peak of last year on Sunday black Friday. It runs from November 20 to 27 – the so-called. Ciber Mondai.

Interest in the emphasis on discounts was much earlier this year:

This is reflected in gateways such as, which are specialized in selling in Switzerland. "We have twice as many strikes at the same time last year," says co-founder Jerome Amoudruz. Two years ago the establishment was established with the aim of promoting the shopping events introduced in the US in Swiss trade.

Obviously with success. So this Friday will set new sales records this year. Instead of 90 million this year, goods for 120 million francs will pass to Swiss counters. During the week of Friday, 350 million will be realized online, says the beginning. This means that 30% more revenue from a discount fight than last year, as a survey of 2030 people began.

In the end, but not least, more than 40 percent of new buyers who are engaged in a discount battle this year are included in the sales record. Three out of four respondents said they wanted to take advantage of Billigtag, while only one of every two predicted last year. Coincidentally, in most shops, the stocks started before Friday, sometimes Monday, which somewhat diminished peaks in black Friday, Amoudruz says.

Anyone who thinks most sales go online because this is more comfortable and quiet is wrong: "Black Friday as a whole is a 360-degree project in this regard, online and offline shopping are quite balanced," Amoudruz says. The tendency is that people buy cheaper products last year at the store, while more expensive purchases are ordered online.

Amoudruz researchers also found that fashion and clothing are the warmest category: 65 percent are interested in this, and over two thirds of respondents are women. It is not surprising to follow cosmetics products and third place in the household.

For men – even boring – it seems that future happiness depends on a new smartphone or TV. The third is most interested in the masters of clothing creations. By the way, 58 percent said they wanted to spend more than 300 francs.

Even this hunt for withdrawal is not all gold-dumb. Let's say what is suspected of a record low, is not necessary, because the British is buying an advisory portal Which? found out. She has been following the price of over a year of valuable British popular electronics, households and personal items for over a year and has determined that:

Eighty-seven percent or almost nine out of ten observed products were cheaper or equally expensive during the year. One-time offers were rare: Only one in ten products had the lowest price in black Friday. Although Black Black Deals are not always explicitly advertised as such, but according to whom? 64 percent of customers believe that sales are cheaper.

If you ask in Swiss trade, it shows that even black Friday offers cheap, but not necessarily the cheapest. Digitec Galakus expects a record record of sales and presence on Black Friday and the next Ciber Monday: "We will have about 100 amazing deals on Digitec and Galakus every day. The products will be available in limited quantities," says spokesman Alek Hammerley. However, it leaves open, whether the offers are unique. However, all products are purchased specially for two days, and offers are disclosed at midnight.


Are you shopping on a black Friday?

On request, H & M writes that "we offer our customers special offers and offers throughout the year." And Media Markt points out that "the media market, like all other retailers, offers its bidders over and over again special offers for specific products throughout the year." , exclusive cheap cheap purchases are not synonymous with Switzerland.

Otherwise, Americans invented black Friday. It's a day after Thanksgiving, a big family festival where the whole country meets turkey food. It became natural that the day after the first Christmas shopping would be made. In 2010, tradition spilled over to Europe. For us, Manor is the first company to call Black Friday in 2014. Today, over 200 shops and chain stores have been included.

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