Thursday , August 11 2022

Dev-Diari on Devil Mai Cri 5


An extensive developer video for already published "Devil Mai Cri 5" talks about the philosophy of design today.

Capcom has released a nine-minute diary about "Devil Mai Cri 5" under the title "Design philosophy of the devil Mai Cri 5." It features Hideaki Itsuno, lead designer Ioichiro Ikeda, producers Michiter Okabe and Matthews Walker, as well as other team members to discuss the emergence of the game. "Devil Mai Cri 5" is available for PC, Xbox One and PlaiStation 4.

The game reads: "The demonic invasion begins with the Demon tree seeds rooted in Red Grave Citi, a hellish idea that draws the attention of the young hunter to the demons of Nero, the allied Dante, his demonic arm, the source of great power Nero, along with his partner Nic, moving to the Red Grave Citi in his camper, Devil Mai Cri, to hire Nice, who himself learned to make weapons, to design some mechanical hands of Devil Breaker. This will give him the extra power necessary to deal with evil demons like flying, bloody Empus and gigantic Go bad.

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