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For and against: Would you still sign Baiern's Bocklos-Boateng? – FK BAVARIA MUNICH


Jerome Boateng and Baiern: Is this connection still to be saved? After the ruthless performances of the 2014 world champion at a championship and a double celebration in Munich, he was advised by club president Uli Hoeneß to change the club, who called the defensive star a "foreign body" in the team. However, concrete offers for a defensive player are not yet available.

The main reporters of SPORT BILD Tobias Altschaffl and Sven Beckedahl discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Boateng's obligations to the other club.

PRO would have Tobias Altschaffl (chief reporter)

Favorable Boateng wants to show everything

It is assumed that Jerome Boateng in Munich had a small style. Not only by the player who sat down on the bench voluntarily and refusing to celebrate – but also from the club! Boateng was originally ignored in the final syringe, and then a proposed change was proposed.

Bottom end of world champion and triple winner in Munich. But these trophies show who the class is in Boateng. The fact that in his spare time he is dedicated to life projects has nothing to do with the lack of professionalism. The defendant had these hobbies in 2014, when he was the best man in the World Cup finals.

Boateng has overcome his fitness problems. A player with his experience can be the best choice for top clubs. Especially because it's cheap – in the club almost no one expects more than 15 million euros transfer fee. Motivation should be great after the completion of Baierne. Boateng has not finished his career yet!

CONTRA would be Sven Beckedahl

Pouting just scares new clubs

Of course, you can achieve dignity, to behave professionally with a long-time employer, even if you are no longer professionals in the first place. Or you do it like Jerome Boateng. They made double the profit of their colleagues from Munich as an apathetic retiree on the park bench in the English Garden.

As the team entered the curve afterwards and thanked fans who supported FC Bayern (also Boateng) for a long season, the world champion preferred to leave the dust. Not just a decoration for a summary and more scary for potential future employers. Of course, it's stupid when you move from your parents to an extra player, especially in the final.

However, it can be demanded from top professionals such as Boateng to be sovereign even in this extreme situation and to be part of the team. This leaves the impression of a lonely Schmoller. So cool Boateng did not do any favor.

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