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How foreigners' voices really go – News Sport: Ice Hockey


For some time now, the media have no longer been allowed to the national league clubs. Not everything that is spoken behind closed doors is intended for the public. On Wednesday, nine of the twelve clubs spoke against increasing the number of foreigners. So far, so well known. Just: How did you actually go to Solothurn? We were enrolled in the diary.

Item on the agenda: 6. Foreigners.

Michael Rindlisbacher, President of the Swiss Ice Hockey Committee: (hit the table with a hammer) We came to the request of SC Bern: increase the number of foreigners who are qualified. It's Marc Luthi.

Marc Luthi, Managing Director, SC Bern: Competitors abroad are laughing at how we are surprised in the National League. Players now have two pricelists: one for Switzerland and the other for the rest of Europe.

Raphael Berger, CEO Gotteron: It's Bla!

Lute: (Surli) There are no markets for Swiss players. That's why we open it. According to my business knowledge, additional competition has never raised prices.

berger: It's Bla!

Patrick Lengviler, CEO EV Zug: No, it's nonsense. An increase in foreigners leads to increased costs. In addition, most clubs with two additional foreigners will be able to have a foreign goalkeeper in the squad. And I should have wondered why we converted 800,000 CHF to Genoni.

Reto Klai, sports director EV Zug: For a reason. The keyword is the reason. We are reasonable. That's why we do not exceed the threshold of 750,000 francs in Corvi and Hofmann. It's not a franc. Under no circumstances. We are reasonable.

Lengviler: We are reasonable.

Gaudenz Domenig, Chairman of the Davos Committee: That's right, because: Corvi is currently playing with us very reasonably. (A laughing laugh)

Marc Gianola, CEO, Davos: We support SCB's request. More and more Swiss games in North America, and the supply of quality players is too low.

Domenig: In the old days, Arno attracted a good Swiss. They're leaving now. That's why we are for six foreigners – and by chance, for a foreign coach.

Rindlisbacher: (hit the table with a hammer) In short: Bern and Davos are against the movement, Zug and Gotteron are against it. Perhaps I should mention at this time to invoke exclusively the subject of the position today and now in this context. Swiss ice hockey and I, we are clearly there …

Lute: (Interrupting) Opinion of the association is not interested in pig. In Switzerland hockey Clubs make music. A little attention has been reserved for you in May. Point.

berger: It's Bla!

Lute: We must learn not to distinguish Swiss and foreigners!

Peter Jakob, Chairman of the SCL Tigers Committee: (adjusting glasses) Ke Ungerchied Zvusche Schvizer in Uslander? Auso Marc: The Protector in Amit forgot! I did not even agree with my predecessor, Grund Housi? I do not know where the public is the only one who has a cytolytic effect: (brings article and corrects glasses) "The prosperity of Switzerland is based on immigration." Marc: You look good, the host of Langnou Wine Sou durs the village tribe. Drum: I'm a shit!

Daniel Villard, Director of EHC Biel: Bernese proposal is interesting, but does not think. And while we are in that, Marc: You could have said calmly to me at the last meeting that you are those who want to pay Sami Kreis 100,000 more Stutz, which he called in Biel in return.

Rindlisbacher: (hit the table with a hammer) Be tuned! La Romandie, s'l vous plait!

Jan Alston, Director of Sporting Lausanne: (on the phone, shortly pulls out the ears and stops the conversation) Comment? Ah, oui: Six, nous voulons six etrangers. Six, please! Come on, guys, let's do it! Yes we can! Yes, we can pay! Bar in Lausanne. (Earplugs in, resume conversation)

Peter Zahner, Director of ZSC Lions: Agents grow salaries! Lemon squeezes. Why does not nobody do anything against these agents? Mark's proposal is good. We are essentially against it, but actually for it. If only these agents come to the cash register!

Sven Leuenberger, sports director of ZSC Lions: So, we are more for it than against it, but in essence?

Zahner: You bloody agents! Basically, we are for it, but against it, because we are not allowed to be, I am so free.

Rindlisbacher: (hit the table with a hammer) Unfortunately, I need to inform you about the absence of HC Lugan. President Mantegazza and sports chief Habisreutinger submitted their voice in writing. Unfortunately, today we can not be in Solothurn because we celebrate the 90th anniversary of our President Joe Whether four or six strangers: We want what most wants! Because: Impurities, troppo alti, ci sono solo aspetative troppo In the sense of: Auguri Grande Geo! »

Filippo Lombardi, President of Ambri: (Raises from the seat, tugs up the jacket, corrects the tie) Respected Sir. I'm proud to announce: we, we are the Hockey Club Ambri-Piotta (short art break) against him! With six foreigners, young players will find it even harder to find a place. And if I have a floor now, maybe in this context, I want to draw your attention to our next fundraising …

Rindlisbacher: (hit the table with a hammer) Who is there yet, who wants to go again?

Markus Butler, Director of Rappersville-John: So we …

Lute: (Surli) You have nothing to say here.

berger: That's all blah!

Christophe Stucki, Servette General Manager: Alors. Together with Bern, we launched an initiative. And for that reason, there is no doubt that we …

Chris McSorlei, trainer and more in Servet: (he rises, rats each on his shoulder, returns to his seat and waves with both hands) Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Thank you! Yesterday the judges in Berne were once again: the scandal. Bern has been instrumentalizing reflexes for years. That's why we are in Geneva …

Stucki: … or Chris …

McSorlei: … In Geneva, we decided to oppose. So, against Berne.

Lojenberger: (leap from the chair) See, Marc! I already told you in the 2013 Play-off! He's a lost dog, that McSorlee! Big Pinocchio!

Lute: These words cost us then a fine of 2,000 francs. I'm an idiot, are you a vorstrereckt quantity?

berger: That's all blah!

Lute: And for these 2,000 francs the best world-class Slovak barefoot is coming to Switzerland. But you just do not want to understand it. Gopferdami!

Rindlisbacher: (hit the table with a hammer) I lost my orientation. Who is it for who is against it?

(Ljiti angrily left the corridor.) ( / Nevsnet)

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