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In Catalonia: The sentence requires 25 years of imprisonment against separatists


One year is Catalonia's independence referendum. Now the Spanish prosecutor's office has announced a request to punish separatist leaders for up to 25 years.

The Spanish prosecution demanded 25 years of imprisonment for some of the leaders of the Catalan Independence Movement. In a letter to the Supreme Court that was now published, the prosecution alleged that seven weeks in Catalan leaders should be imprisoned between seven and 25 years in prison in Catalonia in October 2017 in order to curb public money or confiscate it.

The highest punishment was imposed on the former prosecutor's office of Oriol Junqueras.

Government lawyers require shorter prisons

However, the accusation of rebellion is controversial among Spanish legal experts, as the fee means violence. Therefore, the sanctions of the Spanish government's lawyers are much lower. They are also prosecutors during the procedure. They are just accusing the rebellion and embezzlement. Junqueras has been in jail for twelve years. For each of the remaining defendants, state lawyers require eight to eleven years in prison.

The Supreme Court in Madrid has decided to open its case last week for nearly a year. A total of 18 Separatists are to be negotiated. The hearing is expected to begin in Madrid in January.

Former regional President Carles Puigdemon is not in court because he has fled abroad and the defendant has to be present in Spain in criminal proceedings.

The debate after the referendum

Debates on Catalan independence aspirations occurred a year ago when Puigdemont organized a referendum that was declared illegal by Spanish courts. Following the vote, the regional government unilaterally declared Catalonia independence at the end of October. The Spanish government left Puigdemon and his cabinet.

Hans-Günther Kellner, ARD Studio Madrid info

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