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Justin Bieber & Hailei Baldwin: Marital crime over baby planning


Is that all right? Justin Bieber, 24, and Hailei Baldwin, 21, have been married since September and have their first angry quarrel. But with these things, the singer simply does not want to compromise. The reason is sad, though.

Hailey Baldwin still does not want a baby

Fat air with Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. The newly born couple begins to think about family planning. The singer wants it as fast as possible outletbut his wife still wants to wait.

Justin would love it, with Hailey a lot the children and actually wants it to happen as soon as possible

also confirms the informant to the contrary "Hollivood Life". For a 21-year-old model, however, the priority has quite different things.

She wants to work more and more in her career To achieve more, before she becomes a mother, because she wants to dedicate her entire family fully,

so insider. Because Biebs does not want to accept it, couples get violent.

Justin Biber is looking for a healthy family

On the other hand, Justin Bieber has completely put his career to devote himself to his private life. But why is the "sorry" singer in such a hurry with succession planning? After all, he is still quite young.

Biebs might be thought to finally want to be part of the family, for which he always wanted so much. A normal family life does not know the former teenage star.

His parents separated shortly after birth, Mama Pati had to leave him raise myselfThat might explain why a 24-year-old is eager for a healthy family – he wants to finally experience what he has never had. Does he put so much pressure on Hailey Baldwin because of that? This is certainly not the best basis for a good marriage, and maybe his young wife will feel it too.

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