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KSP amplifiers now also reward their relatives


The last patch of Hero's Storm is live. If you use the PSP Booster, you are doing something good for your colleagues.

From yesterday's night (November 13, 2018), a new space in the Heroes of the Storm is active. The update brought not only the new Orphea hero, but also the change of the Booster Booster. Support is now not only the consumer, but all its team colleagues.

What are the amplifiers? KSP amplifiers, formerly referred to as packs, can be used in Heroes of the Oroma to get additional KSP and gold. This will allow you to reach new levels faster in the game, unlock more prizes (such as lootbokes) and quickly buy new characters. Boosters can be purchased for the currency of real money, but are sometimes included in Mexican.Heroes of the Storm Orphea title fitting

KSP Player Reinforcement: Changing the amplifier makes the whole thing more social. Because the KSP increases not only for the buyer, but for all the players in the game (ie All 4 Allies and all 5 opponents). Each of them gets a 5% bonus on their acquired experience.

Some examples:

  • If you only have a KSP Booster, your own bonus will remain at 100%. All other players receive a 5% PSP bonus.
  • If you own two other players, the budget, your own bonus is 110% for all who have an active amplifier and 15% for all who do not have an amplifier.
  • If all 10 players have an active amplifier, they all get an additional 145% extra KSP (45% as an additional bonus).

This bonus is calculated in addition to the usual KSP bonus. Instead of 100% additional KSP, the hardener can reach up to a maximum of 145%.

Heroes of Storm Irel ArtMore KSP Bonus: In addition to the launcher, the KSP can be further enhanced, because Heroes of Storm support play friends. When playing with a friend in a group, he gets 25% extra KSP. If you join another group of 5 players, another 50% of the bonus for the KSP will swing.

Even playing in certain leagues will be rewarded. The match in the hero's game attracts with 25% extra KSP and a match in the team with 50% KSP.

Combining all kinds of effects creates a 270% Bonus Bonus Bonus bonus – almost four times the normal value. It literally rains.

Do you use the KSP amplifiers in the Heroes of the Storm? Do you think it's good to have a "social" component now? Or should the players benefit from their own increase?Heroes of the Storm Hall's End Lootbok

Incidentally, Orphea's heroine also came into the patch. This is the first "original" character that was born in Nekus. And of course, Orphea is a young girl with a monster from a bishop.

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