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Loubegaffer: Playing the Ochnser patent at the Gurtenfestival 2019? – News Region: Bern & Region


Last week, 6000 people were sold. "Rock the Hill" ticket for the next annual Gurtenfestival. They went away in a moment, though not as fast as in the past.

Trick of these tickets: buy a cat, because you do not even know who will perform on the Bernese Mountain. Soon, however, it is likely to transfer to the legendary Patent Ochnser to give a concert.

frontman Bune Huber and his band are releasing a new (but nameless) album. And experience shows: new album = performance on "Gusche". At Instagram, Patent Ochsner published a photo showing wine bottles. They should run for members of the band Mr. Hug, Mr. Diesel, Ms. Mathis, La Branche, Mr. Huber, Mr. Voodoo and Mr. Rimini. This is called # bunehuberfinearts.

And.Ipsilon, Thomas D, Smudo and Michi Beck – more famous as Fantastic Four – will be available for the Gurtenfestival weekend. As of June 6, 2019, they are on a large "Captain's Fantastic" tour of open air – and, as everyone knows, they like Bern.

A Bernese fan is also Matthias Aebischer, The National Council of Berne is currently experiencing high and low values. At a high level, he is in terms of love: he recently made his kindness for the Green Liberal National Advisor Tiana Angelina Moser from the canton in Zurich in public. But politically speaking, Aebischer's career has not progressed so well. This also has to do with his party. The SP carefully observes the equal representation of the sexes.

This leads to the fact that Aebischer is a candidate for the successor to the City Council Ursula Viss it can already be composed from the beginning. This, because with Michael Aebersold but a man in the city of Berne sitting. But Aebischer obviously takes humor. "I'm thinking about changing sex," he joked at the party. At one point, Loubegaffer is sure: Against such a transformation, Tiana Angelina Moser would certainly have a lot of objection.

If Matthias Aebischer needs a new hairstyle, Loubegaffer recommends a visit Starfigaro Enrico Bizzaro, But beware: she leaves Lorena soon and on December 5 opens a new salon at the Alpenblick Hotel in Breitsch. As Loubegaffer learned, hotel guests recently had to shower cold throughout the day due to construction work. Hotel Managers are looking forward to Figaro with the most terrible scissors and the most horrible language. Never again a hotel guest in Alpenblick does not experience "Bad Dai Dai". (Бернер неспепер)

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