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Ospice: The 30-year-old is sick because his parents do not vaccinate him


Three years ago, Joshua Nerius of Chicago suddenly had a high fever and a rash. He went to the doctor and got prescribed antibiotics. However, according to CNN, the therapy did not suggest. Instead, Nerius would always be better, the report says.

Now the 30-year-old went to an emergency room at the hospital, where the measles infection was suspected. The doctors asked if Nerius was vaccinated as a child, and then sent the question with a text message to his mother. Answer: thumb down.

A temptation has begun for the patient. He came into quarantine and became weaker and weaker. He lost about twelve pounds of weight and could barely walk alone. Only a few months later he would recover, the report says. The disease would take a serious tribute, he told CNN. Still: "It was terrible."

Nerius's disease is younger than three years. He got infected in May 2016 at a nursing party of his sister attended by a visceral-infected person, as later turned out to be. At this celebration, he would not interact with anyone outside his family, and he would be infected "literally in passing," Nerius told CNN. The day after the celebration, the one who works in the software industry attended a technology convention in Las Vegas, where he handled hundreds of people. He still had no idea about his infection, but he was not yet infected. The period of incubation in measles is eight to ten days. It would be unrealistic to think how many people could have contended that the moment was a bit different, Nerius said.

Nerius measles disease has no understanding of the vaccine users

He does not blame his parents, but the people who persuaded them: "It makes me very angry, my parents think they are doing the right thing, they are opposed by the opponents of the vaccination," Nerius said. They believed in alternative medicine in the 1980s and could not check on the Internet what the vaccine adversaries told them. Today's parents would have no excuse, says Nerius. There are enough sources to communicate that vaccines are safe and that children are healthy. The topic is in science, solving the problem. For current opponents of vaccination, he has no understanding: "If I look at where we are today, with people who deliberately decide to ignore facts, it really frustrates me."

background: The morbile virus is very contagious. About 95 out of every 100 people are infected with the virus. A few days before the onset of the first symptoms, such as a typical rash, the infected person is contagious. The virus spreads through drops, such as sneezing, conversation, coughing. It's enough to be in the room or bus for a short while. Vaccination is not only for the protection of the individual, but also for the so-called. Protecting herds and protecting the entire society. Because an infected person can be the source of tens of thousands of other illnesses.

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