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Patrick Duffi is 70 years old: What are the "Dallas" stars doing today?

Updated March 17, 2019, 14:13

From 1978 to 1991, TV series "Dallas" made it for the best ratings. The main characters have become stars, among them actor Bobbi Eving, Patrick Duffi. On the occasion of his 70th birthday on March 17, the question arises: what has become of the stars of that time? © spot on the news

When the TV series "Dallas" was broadcast over the Eving oil cluster in 1978, probably no one thought the series would become one of the most successful in the world. By 1991, 357 episodes and three television films were recorded, all of which were able to get the best ratings. The main actress has become a star. But what happened to them?

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Patrick Duffi owes a big holiday in the Hollywood series "Dallas". For 327 episodes, Bobby Eving, the youngest son of the oil magnate Jocka Eving and Miss Ellie, played. Especially with his older brother J.R. It's often confronted.

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Larry Hagman acted in all 357 episodes of "Dallas" crafty criminal J.R. Juing. However, he was previously known for his television role in the hit series "Enchanting Jeannie". However, his role as a nasty oil baron remained in his life, although he was seen in numerous films and series. In 1995 he received a liver transplant due to years of alcoholism. In 2012, he appeared in 17 episodes of the new release and at the same time continued the "Dallas" in his usual role. Hagman died of throat cancer in Dallas on November 23, 2012.

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Linda Grey also celebrated her big holiday with Dallas. She played for 307 episodes Sue Ellen, wife J.R. Juing. In 1991, she hosted Larry Hagman in the German "Ein Schloss am Vorthersee" series. It was recently seen in 2014 in a new release and continued "Dallas", and in 2015 in the movie "Perfect Wedding". In the meantime, she rarely behaves like an actress, but as a co-owner she is concerned about her production company LG Productions, Inc.

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Victoria Principal made her breakthrough in the 1974 movie "Earthquake", but is still known today for the role of Pamela Barnes Eving, wife of Bobbie Eving, in "Dallas", which she played for 251 episode. Although she still had a few minor roles in TV shows and films here and there, her money now makes her more the author of the bestseller for beauty care, fitness, wellbeing and health. It also has its own skin care series called the Master Secret.

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Barbara Bel Geddes and Jim Davis played as "Miss Ellie" and "Jock Eving" family leader Eving in "Dallas". Their main goal was to keep the family together, especially the three sons of J.R., Gary and Bobbie. Jim Davis has already appeared as an actor before Dallas, but he died of bone cancer in 1981, during the 4th season, which was supposed to be his last. Barbara Bel Geddes did not act after Dallas. In 2005, she died of lung cancer at the age of 82.

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Charlene Tilton actress Luke Ann Eving Cooper, daughter of Garia Eving, for 233 episodes. To date, her most famous role. It was followed by roles in series such as "Colt for Every Case", "Love Boat" or "Murder is Her Hobbit". From 2012 to 2014 she appeared in the new edition and continued "Dallas". Since then, she has become quiet around her.

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Steve Kanali played in all 357 episodes of prefect Raio Krebs, who later proved himself to be the unlawful son of Jock Eving. To this day, this is his most famous role. He also accepted the offer to play in the new release and continued "Dallas" from 2012 to 2014, fortunately. Today he lives in isolation at a ranch in Ojai, California.

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Ken Karcheval played in 332 Cliff Barnes, son of Digger Barnes, J.R. Eving's greatest opponent. For him, this role has made great progress. After the series in other films and series, the success of "Dallas" could not continue. In 1993, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, due to which parts of the lung had to be removed. Today it is considered cured, but still smokes. He also played from 2012 to 2014 in a new release and continued "Dallas" – his last role so far.

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Mari Crosby, here with Patrick Duffy, plays "Dallas" for 28 episode Kristin, sister Sue Ellen. In the series she recorded jealousy on J.R. Eving and later died with serial death. Then they play fewer roles in the series like Colt Just In Case, Love Boat, Murder is Her Hobbit, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Beverly Hills 90210. Recently she was seen in 2005 in "The Legend of Zorro".

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Susan Howard plays "Dallas" Donna Krebbs, wife of Raio Krebs, an unlawful son of Jock Eving. The role was supposed to be just a guest role, but Susan so convinced the producers that she eventually stayed in the series for nine years. Before and after "Dallas" she was active as an actress. Her role in the television series "Petrocelli" is even nominations for Emma and Golden Globe. She later switched to politics after the then Governor of Texas, George V. Bush, appointed a Commissioner for the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife.

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