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Penalty and hand: IFAB advises new rules


Paul Pogba missed the penalty for Everton, but hit the margin – this should not be too soon. Image: AP / AP

New soccer revolution? Raiders advise on the hand and margin in the penalty

After introducing video evidence, the next rules of football revolution can soon follow. The International Federation of Football Associations (IFAB) advises in London today on changes in rules that could have far-reaching implications for sports. FIFA Panel has set three rules for removing current complaints:


Is it intent or not? Poor or not? In football, decisions about hands often cause confusion, and often rules are not interpreted equally. This should change now, the intention of the rules is deleted: A decisive factor in the future, whether there is an unnatural movement of players. This would always be the case when the ball strikes the arm above the level of the shoulder. Under shoulder height, a manual penalty should be punished if the arm is further arranged by the body from the position of the wristwatches for 4 hours or 8 hours.

IFAB would like to suppress manual discussions in the awake stage – questionable, if it works. picture: Keistone

Our opinion: The first part of the new rule is illuminated, the other is probably difficult to apply. Or should the angle of the hand be measured in the hand by video evidence?


In the event of penalty during the match, an additional margin should be abolished. If the shooter fails on the goalkeeper or on the case, in the future it will be discarded. This is to prevent other players from entering prematurely into the penalty area and coming up with controversial scenes.

Such scenes will not exist in the future. screenshot: screenshot iotube

Our opinion: Not desirable. The criminal procedure would take so much of its drama and that's what football is for. It is better for those who early in the penal space to become a consistent yellow card.


In order to prevent bored time, substitute players are no longer expected to leave the field in the middle of the game in front of the coaching bench, but to the nearest outer line.

Today, it is often too long for a substitute player to leave the pitch. Image: AP / AP

Our opinion: It makes sense, so the loss of time can be stopped.

Today London will discuss new rules. On November 22, it should decide whether to vote on a change in the rules at the General Assembly of IFAB in March 2019. Based in Zurich, the IFAB has eight members – four FIFA officials and one representative from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wels. At least six out of eight votes in the committee are required to change the rules. (Before)

Speaking of rules: because Neimar is flying so nicely, there are rules about the vatcoders

This is a modern football

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