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Pep Guardiola spotted in Bayern – What drove him to Munich on Wednesday?


Pep Guardiola arrived on Wednesday in his former club FC Baiern Munich, which could be seen on the Sabener Road. What drives the trainer from Munich to Munich?

Munich – a surprise on Sabener Straße! It's Wednesday morning Pep Guardiola, former coach of FC Baiern and current Manchester City manager, drove Sabener StraßeThis is reported by Ski Sport Nevs HD personally by reporter and former professional Torben Hoffman.

That's why the 47-year-old drove a taxi at the Harleching Club Champs Club Clubs and then team manager Kathleen Kruger brought through an underground park to the office Service.

Hoffmann posted a picture of the arrival on Twitter, but very little to see. "The photo did not get better, Pep fixed it," Hoffmann commented on the post. You can only see the other person behind the net, but it can really be Pep Guardiola.

Pep Guardiola visiting Bayern Munich: What's behind it?

Last Guardiola said he was thinking in the spring of 2013, and his service in Bayern is not even a competition – for an understandable reason. In a panel discussion, even his successor, Carlo Ancelotti, agreed that he had the same problem in Bayern.

The question that everyone now asks: What leads the coach, who led Bayern in three championships, two cup victories and after the World Cup title between 2013 and 2016, returned to his old post? The fact is: There is currently an international break, so European club coaches have time to travel and meet. Will Guardiola ever look at his former club, especially in connection with the Crvena kriza?

This is most likely a constellation, and after all, Guardiola continues to maintain good contacts in Munich, and has an apartment here. International breaks, where all national players travel and training of the best teams is increasingly being implemented with youth players, are a good opportunity for short trips of trainers.

Bayern and Pep Guardiola? The contract with ManCity lasts until 2021

Many observers can now doubt that Guardiola may be considering returning to Bayern, given the Crusader crisis and discussing current coach Niko Kovc.

However, the return of Pep Guardiola to Baiern should be almost impossible, he in August this year extended the contract two years ago until 2021. With Manchester City, he is currently leading the Premiership League, won the championship and double championship with citizens in 2018.

No statement from Bayern Munich

On the official side, nothing was initially heard about the visit of Pep Guardiola to Baiern.


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