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Red Blue in Tiker: FC Basel vs. Ioung Bois


With two goals before the break, IB shocked the FCB. Is Red Blue Still Turning?

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Goal in FC Basel vs Ioung Bois

FC Basel

Ioung Bois

54 & # 39;the goalthe goal

Balancing in Joggeli. Okafor just hit him and the ball is already in the net. Von Ballmoos sees the ball late and can no longer react. The game is reopened.

51 & # 39;

Basel is trying to get back into the game. The other half starts to behave.

46 & # 39;

Personally, everything remains the same. Only Okafor and Stocker changed their wings. Young Okafor can do this with Kevin Mbaboo now.

45 & # 39;initial kick initial kick

The teams returned to the field: they can go further.

48 & # 39;Pause Pause

Then there is a break. Can the FCB recover from this shock in the second half? Lange looked great for Red Blue, but just before the break, there was a breakthrough.

48 & # 39;the goalthe goal

That does not exist. IB double immediately after. After a free kick Nsame head completely free to Basel goal. This IB is currently so efficient – incredible.

44 & # 39;the goalthe goal

The divine passage from Assale raises the entire defense of Basel. Same, it just needs to be turned on.

38 & # 39;Yellow card Yellow card

And immediately the next yellow card. This time, on the address of Suchia for Benita's offense.

35 & # 39;Yellow card Yellow card

Frei and Stocker attack on the left. They already pull out the fifth Basel Corner.

IB can easily erase it and wants to respond immediately. Okayfor is trying to organize the attack.

32 & # 39;Yellow card Yellow card

Wild in Joggeli. Chances on both sides. Aebischer takes the first yellow card. Only Stocker strikes. So far it's not Aebischer's afternoon. Yellow after thirty minutes and probably own goal.

30 & # 39;

Riveros slips at the worst moment and IB counters immediately. Fortunately for Riverosa, his colleague, defender Balanta, paid attention. The Colombian is extremely important in this constitution.

26 & # 39;

The fight is right. Hard hit, but a sparkly clean solution from Balante.

24 & # 39;

Next angle, again danger. In the Bernese spit belly, the air is blowing. Corner again. And again, Basler is alone. Ball Slips Vidmer or above the top.

20 & # 39;

The Basel leadership was deserved. Red Blue wins more duels and exerts more pressure.

18 & # 39;the goalthe goal

After corner Marek Suchi comes in the header. After an alert, the ball landing on the IB gate. Is even Berner finally on the ball? Regardless, FCB leads.

13 & # 39;

Dangerous passage from Camara. Ballmoos can be clarified in Ektremis. Very nice, "Stocker added.

11 & # 39;

Break the game. Balanta stays after Berns's free kick. The Colombian needs to look after it briefly. However, it seems that this continues. Comert heats up as a precaution.

11 & # 39;

Despite the rain in St. Jakob Park: The audience is hot. Each action and every whistle of the judge is evaluated in a linear manner.

8 & # 39;

Extremely lively start. Riveros prevails against Mbabu, Bernese can only stop him from the foul. Zuffi takes the free kick to the center of the goal, and the free kick is cleared by Volfsvinkel. But the Dutchman does not hit the ball properly. Balloon for von Ballmoos.

4 & # 39;

It will not be long before Taulant Kshaka joins Bernese. His cries go to Kevin Mbabu's address.

2 & # 39;

First excitement in Joggeli. Okafor with a lovely ball and a brilliant hook. However, Fabian Frei can not use his pass in the last field.

2 & # 39;

Riveros plays a bad pass, but immediately fights against him. Left back can show what is today.

0 & # 39;initial kick initial kick

The ball rolls. Judge Scharer opens the game.


The players were received by Muttenzerkurve with a wonderful chorea. Everything is ready for an exciting game.


Koller relies on her reliable elephant. But there is no double storm against IB. Aime comes from the bank.

Blas Riveros comes to kiss. After the last time he was often in the squad, today he is replacing injured Petrett.

IB also plays completely. Only the best shooter Hoarau sits at the start just on the bench.

Welcome to the tiker

Welcome to the live ticker for FC Basel vs. Ioung Boisa from Berne.

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