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Schotte wakes up in the wrong house, then this video is recorded

Schotte wakes up in the wrong house – then this legendary video was created

Have you ever woken a hangover, with dry mouths and an abnormal headache? And were you afraid that you offended someone, drank all your money, or stole something?

Well, that young Scot was worse. After a home party, he woke up in a strange house. Unknowingly, he got up from the couch the next morning and wanted to make noodles. But in the kitchen he faced a couple who had never seen him before.

Why did we hear about it? Even in the kitchen, he recorded a video, which is now seen and divided by tens of thousands. He explains the unpleasant situation – and it's difficult to understand, because it's getting so bad. (And because he speaks Scottish.)

He realized that something went wrong. Fortunately, the couple understood the whole situation with humor, in the background it can be seen. The woman is no longer laughing.

In the end, he thanked his unwilling hosts and said: "Luckily, this woman comes from Glasgow." She said: "Yes, welcome." Take a cup of tea and fagot.


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