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Space Race Ektension received the term and terminator


Surviving Mars: Space Race Ektension received the term and terminator

05.11.2011. At 16:00:

The Interactive and Haemimont Games Paradise missed the release date and feature of the Space Race survival trailer "Surviving Mars".

Today, those in charge of Paradox Interactive and Haemimont Games announced that it will launch in the next few weeks the latest addition to the simulation of Surviving Mars. From November 15, 2018, players will be able to join the Space Race expansion on PlaiStation 4, Xbox One and PC. With the new trailer, the developers have now introduced the latest extensions.

Players can focus on rival colonies and sponsors of the missions in the "Space Race", where each other plays the largest countries in the world and the most powerful companies. Limited resources on Mars are the focus of disputes.

Surviving Mars: Announced Space Race – the first details and trailer

Simulation of the Surviving Mars management by Haemimont Games will receive an extensive extension called Space Race. First information and …

In addition, players can choose to steal key colonists, monopolize important discoveries, or use other approaches. In the end they will have to end their competition in colonization. More news and videos about the game can already be found in our review of the topics. Here's the latest story for the extension of Space Race:

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