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SRF-Ms. Barbara Luthi defends gay criticism

She faced the grievances of the Pink Cross giant after yesterday's broadcast. Now "Club" host Barbara Luthi comments on these claims.

It does not allow them to sit on them: "The Club" hostess Barbara Litti, 45, is defending the allegations of homosexuals at yesterday's show. The gay organization Pink Cross complained to the "Club" on the topic "Full gay – what else can I say?" The suggestions of competent guests were also ignored by the "club" editorial staff, said Pink Cross CEO Roman Heggli (28).

Pink Cross is taken into account by the players

Now moderator Barbara Luthi comments. "We were looking for suitable guests through Pink Cross and looking for people. And then we decided on someone we asked. In this case, Dominikue Rinderknecht. She is a popular figure and experienced in the media, "explains Luthi. And he adds: "This is not completely irrelevant in the television discussion. Although not a traditional advocate, she rhetorically represented the concern of the LGBT community with great dedication. "

This is still an important matter, the moderator continued: "If these issues are included in the program, and not the association is represented. In addition, we took with one player the attitude of Pink Cross. »

The overturning of quotations does not apply to Luta

Disrespect as a guest in the program was also made by its director, Rozea Krsta, Roman Heggli, who was criticized by mail after the shipment. But not only: "He congratulates me on a fundamentally good conversation," says Luti. The editorial team of the club will remain in good contact with the association.

On the other hand, the "club" leader does not accept the charge that he will only choose the guests according to their quota. "I obviously want to contradict it, I never said that. But we have the experience that celebrities can help interest in a topic that is in the interest of everyone." (Vit)

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