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SRF should map instead of assessing – Switzerland: Standard


Stations of Swiss Television SONI SRF to give up journalistic journalism in the future. Journalists' articles are only intended to be shown, and are no longer valid, the new director of the SRF, Nathalie Vappler, in an interview with "NZZ am Sonntag".

"We need to make a program that informs, but it does not polarize. We do not have to make a diary of opinion," said the 50-year-old, who will succeed in the spring of 2019, the Director of SRF Ruedi Matter. Vappler, currently the program director of the Central German Broadcasting Corporation in Halle, wants to re-adjust the public service in Switzerland after a fierce challenge of "No Billag" votes.

Newspaper articles should only show, they no longer evaluate. "If we allow a politician to speak in a post, and if the journalist makes the impression that he knows better, it causes a loss of confidence." Journalists should collapse, that these are not just cliches of the type "SVP equal to Stumpenraucher" to serve. The station was repeatedly criticized by politicians from the strongest Swiss parties.

Ideas for cooperation with individuals

Public service maintenance should not be inhumane or voyeuristic. And information should not be scandalized. "I do not want to be a great title in the future, so there can be as many clicks as possible," said the TV's longtime editor and former editor of the cult SRF. The research wants to give them more space.

Vappler has announced further, in the future with private medium and publishers want to work together. They are flooded with common journalistic bases in the regions, through which small editors will likely enter into the new SRF. "The BBC has created a network of local journalists with regional media, which can access less editors, so it has strengthened local journalism." Such models could be interesting for Switzerland as well.

More series

Vapler wants to strengthen culture, he will not expose it to any quotation. "Our contribution should not be viewed 16 million times on Ioutube, and I would rather find a way to measure relevance." Cultural contributions often have a prominent reach over time. Culture transfers values ​​and is important for society's cohesion. In the future, the new director plans to produce more series such as "Vilder".

As the SRG will have to save 100 million francs a year from 2019, Vappler says it will likely have to cut 47 jobs in the SRF. Where she wants to apply the leverage specifically, she did not comment on the interview. "I will have to make decisions that will not satisfy everyone." (Roy / SDA) is

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