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Svisscom forces customers to buy more expensive subscriptions – you can do it – digital knowledge


Svisscom takes seven old subscribers for mobile phones from the range. Consumers are automatically upgraded to a new subscription. If the basic fee for new subscriptions is greater than before – for example, the new 35 instead of the twelve francs – and that Abovechsel takes place after about 30 days, it has come to great criticism.

Anyone who does not respond to a letter from Svisscom will receive a subscription which, although a more powerful one (eg Flatrate), can be more expensive. Many older users are likely to affect these automatic subscription changes, which only occasionally use their mobile phone to make calls, SMS or VhatsApp, which means they do not need a fixed data rate. But due to the fact that these Venignutzers usually drive better with prepaid offer, Svisscom did not discard their customers.

After a strong criticism of consumer advocates, the largest Swiss mobile service provider now promises improved communication and a deadline of at least 60 days until a change in subscription.

But there is catch, as SRF reports. "Custom information with extended deadlines is only available to those who have not received the letter yet."

It can do it now

Customers upgraded to a subscription for mobile phones should contact Sviss and look for a better offer. You can also switch to another subscription or cheap prepaid offer retrospectively, i.e. If the deadline specified in the letter has expired. The Swiss company said consumer protection was proven adapted.

If the term of validity of the contract has expired, the cancellation deadline is two months. Users who are burning with a new subscription can also use their special right to terminate and change at no cost during the scheduled subscription by switching to a cheaper mobile service provider.

That should be worth it. As an analysis of the price comparison portal junglecompass.ch and the Consumer Protection Foundation, subscriptions proposed by Svisscom – highlighted in bold in the following table – are optimal for very few customers.

These are the best rates for mobile phones for people on the go

The table shows a comparison of user tariffs for people who need 30 calls, 50 SMS messages and at least 250 MB data per month.

The table shows a comparison of user tariffs for people who need 30 calls, 50 SMS messages and at least 250 MB data per month.

Analysis of the price comparison junglecompass.ch and Consumer Protection Funds suggests that subscriptions proposed by Swiss are not optimal for many customers. The contest has attractive subscriptions of 19 to 29 francs available – some include flatrate. Therefore, there are many obviously better alternatives, even on the Swiss network, if you opt for Swiss cheap Vingo and Simpli Mobile brands or switch to M-Budget.

Specific example: When switching from the more available "Liberty primo" subscription to the new "inOne mobile KSS" subscription, the monthly fee increases from 29 to 65 francs (+ 124%). If you go to Svisscom's low-budget brand Vingo, you only pay a basic fee of 25 francs.

For energy-saving customers, prepaid bidding with data packets is the first choice. Sunrise and Iallo prepaid users pay only about 15 francs a month. I: With the change of the bidder, the mobile number can be taken away.

These subscriptions are deleted from the assortment:

  • Natel sviss liberti
  • Natel is basic freedom
  • Natel liberti primo
  • Natel budget min
  • Natel ktra start
  • Natel data flat

This will save Svisscom customers

Swisscom combines new subscriptions with a higher base charge with the option of buying a discounted mobile phone. Anyone who accepts a suggested subscription can still save by giving up purchases of a discounted mobile phone. Again, clients must actively declare themselves. Depending on the subscription, this will save you five, six or ten francs a month, says the Jungle Compass price comparison portal. This is binding on a new minimum period of twelve months.

In the long run, it's almost always worth buying a smartphone separately, to use it as long as possible and choosing a favorable subscription for a mobile phone or prepaid offer. Good smartphones of well-known brands such as Huawei, Nokia or Samsung cost between 300 and 400 francs, even if sellers prefer to sell expensive models for 1000 francs, which is barely suitable for average consumers.


Swisscom affected by the change mainly have three options: accept subscription, subscribe or cancel. Anyone who does not do anything automatically receives a proposed Swiss subscription.

Svisscom says the total cost of new subscriptions for customers will in many cases be lower, even if the basic fee is higher. This can be true. Because of the assumption that you are driving cheaper with an older twelfth franch, just because it has a lower base charge, but this additionally costs every activity, it may turn out to be an error. Therefore, it should be noted that "old subscriptions are worth the price for the least buyers," says Andre Bahler of Consumer Protection.

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