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The free offer is limited to three devices

If you use a free Dropbok account, you will be able to synchronize data to three devices in the future. Existing users using multiple devices are excluded, but I can not add new devices.

Dropbox significantly limits the functionality of a free cloud storage service. In the future, only three devices will be able to access the Dropbok account. This applies to synchronization through various service applications. Access via a web browser is not limited. If you want to link more devices to your account, you'll need to switch to one of the paid bids. Prices start at $ 8.25 per month for terabytes of cloud storage. The free basic offer includes two gigabytes.

Existing users who use more than three devices can continue this. However, they can not add more devices. The change has been in place since March 2019 and has therefore already entered into force. Dropbox obviously wants to convince customers to sign a paid subscription.

Dropbok: Interchange bothered with low sales yields

Dropbok revenues in the fourth quarter of 2018 disappointed investors. Although sales of $ 375.9 million were above what investors expected. The return from sales was only between seven and eight percent. In contrast, analysts expected a return on sales of 12.1%. After that, the course of the bidders was clear.

A limit of three devices may be an attempt to attract more customers to paid DropBok bids. In the past, for example, the Evernote cloud service was similar. Limitations from 2016 for free accounts, the number of synchronized devices in two.

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