Tuesday , October 4 2022

The protective foil should not be removed from the switch


Nintendo Switch’s new OLED model already has a protective foil on the screen when purchased. Nintendo warns that this should not be removed.

in short the most important

  • The new Switch OLED console has been on the market for two days now.
  • The protective foil was already glued to the screen upon delivery.
  • Nintendo America warns you not to remove this slide.

The Nintendo Switch OLED, announced in July, has been on the market since the day before yesterday. Many players may be excited about a more intense color screen. However, when opened, one component should catch the eye: the OLED model comes with a protective film for safety when handling the device.

With the previous model and the Switch Lite, they were not attached in advance. Users are now wondering if this screen saver should be replaced or removed. This should be avoided in any case, announced Nintendo America “IGN”. The film protects the surface from breaking if the console falls.

The standard model and Switch Lite are made of more stable plastic and therefore do not need additional protection. On the other hand, the OLED model has an improved glass screen. In addition, the screen is 7 inches larger than its predecessor.

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