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Two bit-like sizes sabotage their work – the economy

It was a public call for a match that was received by magnate Roger Ver at 2:55 in the beginning of November. "You are my enemy", it is written in it. In the video, Ver is sending a message that his competitor, Craig Vright, wrote the second size of the battlefield scene. Nobody knows if the post office is real. However, it is clear that he could be partially responsible for the fall in the price of the digital currency in the last few days.

Extract from controversial mail. Photo: Screenshot (Ioutube)

There was one bitcoin Last week, still worth about $ 6300, on Tuesday this week in the meantime was less than $ 4300. Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin has lost nearly 70 percent of its value. "In the crypto market, panic is over," says Bitcoin expert Timo Emden from the analytical company Emden Research.

Market experts have invented an English parole: risking, far from risk.

Although crypto markets often behave differently than traditional stock markets, this path is fully consistent. "Many private Bitcoin investors believe that with the rising interest rates in the US, they will soon get more returns to their savings," says Demelza Hais, a Bitcoin expert at the University of Liechtenstein. Then the risky and invaluable investments are unattractive, either excessive technical actions or just Bitcoin. "Big private investors are leading the markets," says Mati Greenspan, Bitcoin analyst at Etoro's trading platform. Market experts came out with an English slogan: risking, far from risk.

Automated programs are also included

The fact that the price has fallen for nearly $ 2,000 in several days has also been linked to automated trading programs. For example, if the battle price falls below $ 5,000, these programs sell automatically. Investors want to limit their losses – and sell the price with their sale only further.

Another source of uncertainty was the power struggle in the field of crypto-cubanism, performed by two bizarre celebrities on the scene in front of the world public. Opponents are Australian Craig Vright, who has repeatedly claimed to be the inventor of Bitkoin, but so far he could not prove it without a doubt.

Opposite him is Roger Ver, who is known on the stage as "Bitkoin-Jesus". To understand why two dimensions of the scene are so important to Bitcoin's cost, you need to look at the history of cryptocurrencies. Last year, digital separatists launched the Bitcoin network and distributed their currency: Bitcoin Cash.

But the revolutionary community did not last long. In the meantime, Ver and Vright threaten to ruin themselves. Because the two cryptomagnets are divided on the further development of digital offshoot "Bitcoin Cash". For this reason, last Thursday, these cryptocurrencies were divided into two parts, and now they were traded under the cryptographic names Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV. These two currencies are now fighting for supremacy.

Some Bitcoin owners want to go to the extreme

Simplified, you should win who has more computing power. In the world of Bitcoin, the so-called miners with huge computer parks provide this computing power, only they are technically possible transfers in the network. As a reward, miners are automatically attributed to small units with corresponding cryptocurrencies. Ver and Vright executives operate such computer farms.

Video – "The War of the High Tide"

Warren Buffet is not yet a fan of Bitkoin. Video: Focus

However, miners currently have a problem: leaving their computers to work for one of the competing battlefield outbreaks, they make a loss because they have to buy computers and pay the terrible costs of electricity. Digital coins they get for it, but they're worth less and less. Miners are expected to accumulate $ 700,000 a day. "Many of these miners will probably compensate for their losses by selling some of their huge warfare assets," says crypto expert Hais. I drive the battle price further.

Some have already announced that they will continue to lose their losses. In the struggle for power in the crypto universe, they want to go to extremes.
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