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Verenica is forgotten, the director is not – culture


The last change in costumes was political: "Free Kiril" was standing on white t-shirts, with which the singers and directors Kirill Serebrenknik received a well-received applause. They brought the director, who was in house detention in Moscow since 2017 and was able to track video rehearsals on the scene. And, thanks to television cameras, to the general public: never before the opera in Zurich received as much international attention as this one.

But how was she, this prime minister? The answer is easy: she was great. Very funny. High music. Pretty bitter. And no, it's not about the "Serebrennikov" case in it. It's a normal "Cosi fan tutte", or say: almost normal.

He starts at the gym that Serebrennikov (who is his own stage and costume designer) has solved at two levels. Above, women walk, down for men. Sometimes they send themselves – it can be heard coming in the middle of Mozart's music. But only once; Serebrennikov has a good sense of gags that would be suitable for jokes, but they are even better because they will not.

Triumph and Despair

It also has a good sense of a story that causes abdominal pain for many directors. For men to invent intrigue to test the faith of their women, they can still be easily performed. But how do you deal with the fact that these people have returned disguised – and women do not understand who they are in front of them? Here, the problem is solved simply as it is unusual: there is not a hidden fetus coming back. But her friends from the gym.

Singing is still working on Guglielmo and Ferrando, and works well. All comments that have to whisper aside, they are now an external observer. They can triumph with firmness, as long as women are good and despair as soon as they become weak. And when the aria of the Unorthodox amorous, which Ferrando sings on the top floor, comes out of the radio for women below (including the announcement of Don Alfonso, "You heard from Mozart's opera <Цоси фан тутте> … »), then it is also one of those precisely set up Serebrennikov's pockets.

«My cunt, my rules»

However, above all, divided male parts exacerbate the intrigue: because silent seductions seem much more brutal than a hidden fiance could. They leave a whole seductive rhetoric with voices from off. Take what you want. And without words they disappear into the shower as soon as they take it. Although Serebrennikov tells the story exactly as Mozart intended, it works with a hardness that expires even in # MeToo time.

This is the male world in which this story unfolds. Even Despina (Rebecca Olvera), servant Dorabella and Fiordiligi, has adopted this perspective and the corresponding pants. "My pussy, my rules" is really one of the really great video shows, with which he wants to help his mistresses on jumps. But that also means that this should not be done.

As they do, these two women: it's the highlight of this performance. Anna Goriachova gives Dorabelu as a drama queen, who very effectively suffers on the designer's couch and her extensive mezzo-soprano, is constantly singing on wrapping as she pulls Ferrando into the war. Fiordiligi Ružana Mantašja is more reserved, irritated, but just as alive.

Open Room

Here Evgeni Kulagin came, a choreographer who from the very beginning was involved in this production and conducted rehearsals for Serebrennikov. He did not just apply the concept, but he was sure that the singers feel comfortable and free – even if they wear only underwear. Also, the singers (Andrei Bondarenko like Guglielmo, Frederic Antun as Ferrando and Michael Nagi as Don Alfonso) look personally in a very personal way.

They are supported by the conductor Cornelius Meister and a single-mindedly designed philharmonic. Temp, dynamics, a quote from Mozart's "Don Giovanni" – everything fits. And it leaves space for slapsticks and drama, for strong voices and open questions. For example, how long does it take someone to forget when it's gone? In this "Cosi" not long; Portraits of freaks blur and disappear quickly.

Then suddenly he is thinking about the "Serebrennikov" case. The director should not be forgotten, it was provided by his staff and the culture of solidarity. When in January start testing for his "Nabucco" production in the Eurozone, Evgeni Kulagin will be there. And Serebrennikov's lawyer will again file trial videos in Moscow home detention. (Tages-Anzeiger)

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