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VMvare announces innovations for the multi-cloud period


At this year's VMworld Europe 2018, VMware will present three upgrades and product updates for the cloud
Services for enterprises and service providers. […]

In the current multifunctional era, companies run two approaches – a hybrid cloud and the original public cloud. (c) Pikabai.com

VMware announces a new version of the VMware Cloud Foundation that offers businesses enhanced exchange options and Kubernet support, new disaster recovery capabilities for VMware Cloud on AVS, the expansion of Europe and the United States in the fourth quarter of 2018, and the growth of the VMware Cloud Provider Program and VMware Cloud Verified Partner around the world.

In order to adopt a hybrid cloud and help customers develop and develop new business models, IBM and VMware announced technology cooperation. This collaboration allows VMware workloads to seamlessly migrate and expand to the cloud. In addition, companies can modernize their applications with containers, regardless of whether they are presumed, in a private or public cloud.

In the current multifunctional era, companies run two approaches – a hybrid cloud and the original public cloud – support rich applications and new technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Cubernet and advanced analytics. VMware invests in solutions that include the whole way of enterprise and cloud service servers to multifunctional forms, increase the power of the hybrid cloud, and meet the demands of managing clouds.

VMware Cloud Foundation 3.5

VMware Cloud Foundation 3.5 It provides more flexibility and supports a growing number of workloads and cloud initiatives. News:

  • VMware Cloud Foundation 3.5 will be validated by Dell EMC vSAN Readi Nodes to the Dell EMC PoverEdge MKS, and more integration is expected in the future.
  • The new release includes improvements to the VMware Cloud Foundation with HPE Sinergi, providing users with the benefits of a complex private cloud infrastructure and simpler and more flexible management of SDDC environments.
  • Integration with VMvare NSKS-T 2.3 simplifies the implementation of network and security tasks around Kubernetes and provides support for containers and cloud applications. This includes support VMvare PKS, a Cubernet solution for businesses.

VMware Cloud Foundation 3.5 is based on a wealth of new features and integration of VMware Cloud Foundation 3.0, including physical network switches (compared to previous versions that support only certain switches).

It's another newspaper VMware vRealize Netvork Insight 4.0, New features make it easy to troubleshoot and troubleshoot the network path between the local virtual machine (VM) and the EC2 instance in Amazon Web Services (AVS). Customer support technology VMvare Skiline automates data collection by proactive review of the VMware customer environment and will be available in vRealize Operations at the beginning of 2019.

Extend VMware Cloud to AVS

VMvare Cloud on AVS now has advanced disaster recovery, cloud migration, virtual cloud-based workflow, and product support capabilities. That includes:

  • With VMware Site Recoverers, users can provide the environment for the data center and VMware Cloud on AVS and multiple VMware Clouds in AVS environments in separate zones and regions of availability. With the latest release, the scalability of VMware Site Recoveri has doubled to 1,000 VM per SDDC, which reduces the total cost and cost of providing large environments.
  • Elastic Disaster Recovery Services enable businesses to optimize their resource management by automating the SDDC Cluster Scaling after failures based on user requirements. Elastic vSAN with Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) will help customers further reduce the cost of providing intensive workloads.
  • In collaboration with Dell EMC, VMware Dell has combined EMC VkRail with VMvare Site Recover to provide a comprehensive switch to VMvare Cloud on AVS. This allows users to quickly establish, test, and migrate VkRail to Cloud On-Demand while simultaneously using the consistent VSVS-based hyper-converged infrastructure of VMware that supports VkRail and VMvare Cloud on AVS.
  • VMware Horizon 7 for VMware Cloud on AVS offers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud for virtual desktops and applications. The combination of VMvare Cloud's capabilities on AVS with the market leader VMware Horizon results in a simple, secure and scalable solution. VMware also announces the integration of Horizon 7 with Horizon Cloud. This integration provides unique visibility, health monitoring and ancillary services for Horizon 7 implementations in both VMware Clouds on AVS and In-premises Infrastructure.
  • Product support experiences for VMware Cloud users in the Cloud Services console, VMware Cloud to AVS and VMware Skill.

VMvare builds VMvare Cloud on AVS in Europe and the US, the new AVS EU regions (Ireland), AVS West (N.California) and AVS East (Ohio) will be added in the fourth quarter of 2018. VMware Cloud on AVS brings VMware's program-defined data center into the AVS cloud. Built on the VMware Cloud Foundation, this hybrid cloud service delivers consistent infrastructure and end-to-end operation from the Data Center to Cloud, allowing users to migrate constantly to the cloud, scalable and evolve advanced applications as needed.

VMware and IBM expand partnerships

VMware and IBM Publish a new IBM offer for migrating and extending critical VMware workloads to IBM Cloud, as well as new integration for the modernization of applications with Cubernets and containers. This includes:

  • IBM Cloud Private Hosted can now be installed on the VMware vCenter Server in the IBM cloud, enabling the management and orchestration of virtual machines and containers within a common security model and a private network.
  • IBM Cloud VMware solutions are integrated with IBM Cloud Kubernetes, which provides a fully managed Kubernet environment so that users can focus on application development.
  • IBM expands the use of Virtual Cloud Netvorking by introducing the VMware NSKS-T Data Center. NSKS-T provides a unique networking solution that connects the IBM Cloud Private and IBM Cloud Kubernetes service.
  • To support spatial workloads, VMware vRealize Operations is now available on IBM Pover Systems. This allows IT managers to monitor heterogeneous infrastructure from one control panel.
  • IBM and VMware integrate Vatson, including Vatson Assistant and Machine Learning, to the MiVMware support portal to streamline customer support.

The partnership has enabled IBM and VMware to help more than 1,700 companies, including Banca Carige and CNH, launch IBM Cloud for VMware solutions.

New validated design

In order to provide the largest flexibility for companies in selecting a public cloud provider, VMware supports European partners such as OVH, Rackspace, Telefonica and Tieto in providing new and differentiated services based on the most powerful and widely used cloud infrastructure in the world. VMvare announces the following What's new in the VMware Cloud Provider on the:

  • Continuation of growth VMware Cloud VerifiedPartners are now 27 partners, including more than a dozen partners across Europe, and now called VMvare Cloud Verified. VMware Cloud Verified Partners have fully implemented the VMware cloud infrastructure, giving their customers the performance and scalability that they need to meet their application needs.
  • New VMware validated designs (VVDs) for cloud providers are now available. Allow partners to develop VMware cloud infrastructure for different usage cases and provide a fast, reliable way to achieve VMware Cloud Verified status.
  • The already announced solutions on the cloud provider platform are now available, including the VMware Cloud Provider Pod, VMware vCloud Director 9.5, VMware vCloud availability for Cloud-to-Cloud DR and VMware vCloud Usage Insight Service.
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