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What happens in your body if you do not give up eating meat


The health benefits of proper nutrition of plants

There are many reasons for stopping meat consumption. Whether for idealistic, tasty or health reasons: Vegetarian nutrition is a trend and is growing in popularity. However, vegetarians also face many prejudices. Many believe that abstinence of meat is accompanied by a lack of nutrients. What happens to our body when we stop eating meat?

According to the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy (IfD) and the IouGov Institute for Market Research and Opinion, about eight million people in Germany are vegetarians. About 1.3 million people are vegans and no animal products. In recent years there has been a trend of vegetarian dietary growth. In addition, many people do not stop the consumption of meat, but it is at least reduced. Many people are wondering what effect the meat and body have on the body.

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets offer many health benefits if some things are taken into account. (Image: /

Numerous health benefits

"Herbal nutrition has a positive effect on health," says the vegetarian food company ProVeg on its website. The entire herbal diet can help prevent most of the disease's diseases. According to ProVeg, several studies have already shown that eating vegetables prevents osteoporosis, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, protects against hypertension, prevents obesity and helps prevent kidney and heart disease.

The meat is responsible for many diseases of the heart and cancer

In recent years there have been numerous studies on meat consumption. But for lovers of meat, however, there was no good news:

200 grams of meat daily increases the risk of death by 23 percent, reported the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

A very high risk of cancer of processed meat, writes the International Journal of Cancer.

Those who no longer consume red meat reduce the risk of serious heart disease after only three to four weeks, according to the European Heart Journal.

International researchers agree: from a health perspective, high meat consumption is unacceptable. The World Health Organization (VHO) also warns of the effects of frequent meat consumption and classifies processed meat products as carcinogens.

Prejudice: Vegans suffer from malnutrition

Many people assume that they lack nutrients when they eat without meat. The most famous shortcoming in the nutrition of plants is the lack of iron. Iron can quickly be covered with meat, but this, according to ProVegu, brings a number of shortcomings. This is because animal iron absorbs both cholesterol and saturated fatty acids simultaneously. However, the need for iron can easily be met with plant foods if some aspects are considered, such as:

  • Foods rich in iron, such as amaranth, lentils, parsley or sesame seeds should be added daily.
  • Lemon and apple acid, fruits and vegetables with high content of vitamin C, as well as onions and garlic, promote the absorption of plant iron.
  • Heating, fermentation, germination or the sending of foods containing iron stimulates the absorption of iron.
  • Coffee, black tea and wine prevent iron intake and can not be consumed by iron food.

Cover the protein with herbal diet

Another prejudice about the nutrition of plants is that the need for protein can not be covered. Herbal diet offers various good sources of protein. "Vegetable dishes are especially important for legumes such as lentils, peas, soybeans and beans as well as for cereals such as rice, oats, millet, wheat, pear and rye as sources of protein," writes ProVeg. Soya products such as tofu and tempeh are also good sources of protein, as well as nuts, almonds and seeds.

Vitamin B12 intake

Vitamin B12 is almost exclusively found in animal products. When it comes to the adequate intake of vitamin B12, prejudices about meeless diet are partly correct. "With a vegetarian diet, enough amount of vitamin B12 is possible," says ProVeg. For clean vegans, however, sufficient input is hardly possible. Supplements, rich foods or vitamin B12 toothpaste should be supplemented here. (Vb)

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