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When water is scarce – Region: Emmental


The cable is too short. The probe hanging from it no longer comes to the water. Rothenbach's volunteer, Manfred Bieri, had to cover something in order to continue to measure the groundwater level. Now she does not record automatically as the water goes down, Bieri must manually enter the values ​​in the book. But this is the smallest problem with which he and Peter Mosimann have a job.

The groundwater level drops by eleven centimeters each day.Manfred Bieri
So the master in the Rothenbach municipality

Mosimann is deputy founder of the fountain and member of the municipal council. Now they have to look at how groundwater is steadily diminishing. "The mirror sank eleven centimeters every day," says Bieri. Last weekend, when it rained, it stabilized a little for a short time. It's 15 meters below normal.

There is no acute suffering

The tube leading to groundwater is 50 meters long. The probe will not land for a long time. But at a certain depth, which was soon reached towards Mosimann, the tube was curved laterally. Water surrounded by gravel penetrates through these openings. "Now we do not know what happens when we pump water out of the depths," says Peter Mosimann. "It could easily be detected," he says. Asked if the consultant engineers had now clarified this issue.

In the worst case, the municipality of Rothenbach would have to shut down the pumps. But that does not mean that people in the village have to fear that drinking water will soon be lost. Because last year the municipality of Rothenbach did what the canton recommends (see the interview below).

It has built a link between the supply of groundwater in the valley and the source near Chuderhusi. In the Gauchern area, four sources still provide more water than the community needs to supply its citizens. The crowd, according to Mosimann, which is leading the construction of a gas pipeline at Gauchern, also fell. Normally it would be 250 liters per minute, currently there are about 150. "We need about half of it," the rest runs in a stream toward Bovil.

Consumption is growing

"Thanks to the sources, the population in Rothenbach remains securely supplied," Mosimann says. "Even if water from the groundwater would no longer be emptied temporarily." Therefore, the municipality could afford to sell Siehen-Knubel plumbing power of 50 cubic meters.

In the area lying on the Eggiviler's land beneath Schallenberg, the sources that they took in 1985 have fallen too much. "In the summer it was easy enough," says Anton Bigler, president of the cooperative, which was established in 2005 for water supply in this area.

However, two weeks ago, the tank was filled with foreign water. For now, cows have returned to the stable, consumption is increasing at farms. Also, to clean milk and milk plants, more water is needed than before, says Bigler. At the same time, it generally observes the reduction of spring discharges. He still does not know how to solve the problem. "Until two weeks ago, I dreamed of entering the groundwater," says the farmer. But, watching Rothenbach, he gave it.

From Geissbach to the village

In the Eggivil municipality, after this dry flight, he does not want to go to the agenda, although the water is "enough", says the president of the church, Niklaus Ruegsegger. Now, the Council wants to face a project that has been going on for a long time. He recalls that he took over the so-called Kummerkuelle in Geissbach. Ruegsegger says: "If we can bring our water to the village, we are re-supplied." (Бернер неспепер)

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