Friday , May 7 2021

[Ексклузивно / Против блокирања и узнемиравања]Sweet civil servants are noticed by the main man! Chengkuan nightmare supervisor avoids talking for fear of bringing the devil to the door | Apple News | Apple Daily

In recent years, there have been frequent cases of surveillance and harassment. Apple News recently received a report. Man A fell in love at first sight with a public agency employee and woman C. He was unable to continue. He continued to use telephone, fax and letters to harass woman C. without leaving his of his original position to avoid the center of attention, man A also visits people from time to time to find people.The nervousness and misery of his colleagues are affected.calls the police to protect his subordinates, but since there is no real danger or intimidation, he still does not can stop harassing the other party.

According to “Apple”, man A went to a public agency in the north to talk to the public and saw an employee in the agency. Woman C stated that she fell in love with her kind and sweet smile at first sight. they often came to talk to her and showed good wishes to wife C. The woman did not know each other. Refusing the man’s search, the man unexpectedly called, sent a fax or sent a letter to woman C. Constantly harassing him.

It was pointed out that woman C could not stand the harassment. After receiving a farewell from the chief, she left her original position to avoid the center of attention, however, man A did not give up and turned to harass the other employees in the agency. the organs were nervous and miserable.

It goes without saying that Supervisor Woman C protects her subordinates and also wants to allay the concerns of agency staff. He once reported the harassment of man A to the police. Man A continued to enter and exit the agency. agency staff were afraid to keep quiet. Interactive conversation. But because there is no real danger or frightening behavior, the report is not enough.

According to “Apple”, most of the employees in this agency dare not speak, because man A often comes to visit, but he did not commit any injuries or made a big noise. He just goes in and out of the unit often, and a public agency can’t limit that. Certain people are not allowed in and out, and often they can only be bombarded with messages from a human, but employees have nowhere to ask for help and are still unbearable.

“Apple” followed the order to ask the director of the agency. Relevant people in the agency were rude and didn’t want to answer. They didn’t even want to talk about it. They just said they wouldn’t talk about A man anymore …

This type of terrorism lover often follows and tracks or often calls on parties because of their failed searches, but because they have not taken any dangerous or intimidating action, even if the parties are often in fear, they still cannot seek legal help, doing so legally to the following example. Three regardless of zone. CEO Yuan completed his consideration of the draft “Law on Prevention of Harassment Monitoring”, clearly defining 8 patterns of behavior, including continuous interference with electronic communication devices, and the maximum sentence is up to 5 years in prison. Hopefully this will stop after the harassment. (Life Center / Taipei Report)

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