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32,000 DPI, hybrid wireless connection Cooler Master MM831 Hybrid radio racing mouse-HKEPC hardware

Cooler Master MM831 Hybrid radio racing mouse


Mouse Cooler Master MM831 toy mouse

Cooler Master launches new MM831 hybrid radio racing mouse. It has powerful specifications and full functions as a selling point. It uses the new generation PikArt PAV3335 high-precision optical sensor that provides a resolution of up to 32,000 DPI, and is equipped with an Omron running button with a lifespan of 20 million times. In addition to the USB kb wired connection, it also supports hybrid wireless mode, which can be connected via a 2.4GHz USB wireless receiver or Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connection, built-in 800mAH lithium battery and supports Ki 1.2 wireless charging technology, at a price of 590 HK $, which is worth playing .


The Cooler Master MM831 wireless racing mouse measures 128.1 mm x 67.4 mm x 43.4 mm and weighs 123 g. The surface uses a matte black UV non-slip coating to reduce sweat residue. The back is moderately curved and slightly slender. The body of the mouse is ergonomically designed, suitable for players whose right hand is gripped as a claw handling method. A rubber side holder is added to the thumb to provide a comfortable and natural driving experience.


In addition to the slip, the DPI indicator and the Cooler Master logo on the back, an ARGB light ring design has been added below. Players can choose their favorite lighting effect mode via MasterPlus + software or use the Combo key to define real-time lighting changes.

2.4GHz / BT hybrid wireless connection


The biggest selling point of the Cooler Master MM831 gaming mouse is the hybrid wireless feature. Can be used in wired mode via USB C to A cable. Users can switch the cable to a wireless mouse. USB wireless Dougle provides low latency 2.4 GHz wireless connection or direct connection to a notebook via Bluetooth 4.2.


The bottom can be set to use mode

The 2.4GHz USB Dougle is housed in a magnetic mouse tail cover. The user can find 3 different mode switching modes and a Bluetooth Pair button on the bottom of the mouse. It is worth noting that only 2.4GHz wireless mode supports a paging speed of 1000Hz, and Bluetooth mode only supports 125Hz. It is recommended that players try to use 2.4GHz mode for games.

PikArt PAV3335 optical sensor

The Cooler Master MM831 gaming mouse uses the PikArt PAV3335DB-TZDU optical sensor, which has a native resolution of 16,000 DPI,The maximum acceleration is 20 g and it has a speed of 400 inches per second (IPS). Compared to other models, it has lower power consumption performance and can effectively improve battery life. The factory cooperates with PikArtWith the built-in ARM Cortek-M0 processor, the resolution has been increased to a maximum of 32,000 DPI, which is twice the resolution that will meet the needs of future 8K high-resolution games.


Optical Pikart PVM3335 optical sensor OL HOLTEK HT32F52342 microprocessor

Using the HOLTEK HT32F52342 microprocessor, it has a built-in 32-bit ARM Cortek M0 + computer core, a 100 MHz clock core, built-in 64 KB RAM, 512 KB NAND flash capacity, and the MasterPlus package offers programmable functions, macros and other on-the – Fly functions.

OMRON D2FC-F7N (20M) Fine movement


▲ OMRON D2FC-F7N (20M) Fine motion

As for the buttons, the Cooler Master MM831 uses the OMRON Switch D2FC-F-7N (20M) micro-movement with white dots, which has the feeling of a hard hand, moderate elasticity, a sharp click and a lighter button. It needs only 0.74 N pressure and up to 20 million pressures. Life.

800 mAh lithium battery, Ki support for wireless charging


Built-in 800mAH lithium battery ▲ Supports Ki 1.2 wireless charging

In terms of battery life, the Cooler Master MM831 has a built-in 800mAH lithium battery, which can provide about 16 hours of battery life in 2.4 GHz mode, and 22 hours of use in Bluetooth low-power rake mode. In addition to charging via USB-C, the body can be charged Built-in Ki charging function, at the same time you can use Ki 1.2 compatible mouse charging pad, very convenient.

Support for the MasterPlus + utility

MM831Page Button Support Programming Support Page

Users can download the MasterPlus + utility to program the functions of 7 mouse buttons according to the user’s usage habits, including scroll wheel up, click scroll wheel, left and right keys, right function keys and DPI keys can be redefined, sa The mouse combination function can be extended to 12 input combinations using key combinations.


The performance page supports DPI, survey rate, and sensor angle correction

Equipped with 5 levels of custom DPI settings, with independent fine-tuning of DPI X and I axis values ​​according to the needs of professional players. Players can also adjust the USB polling rate, key response time, ± 30 ° angle correction and surface distance height. It also has a customized fine-tuning function, via a detection sensor to further improve mouse control accuracy.


Supports RGB lighting and control ▲

Supports ARGB lighting effect control, provide static monochrome, breathing light, breathing, color spectrum cycle, rainbow pulse Rainbow Pulse, long flicker Rainbow EC, comet comet, flashing lightning, flashing fireworks, warning light Police Light, campfire There is a campfire 14 different modes such as Metronome, Music Pulse, Indicator, Custom, etc. There are 5 speeds of special effects to choose from, and the effect is pretty good.


Page The macro page supports macro recording

The Cooler Master MM831 gaming mouse supports advanced macro recording. Players can record a complex array of action buttons in the mouse. In the future, they can repeat actions by simply pressing macro shortcuts, which greatly improves combat efficiency.


▲ Supports 5 sets of profile storage functions

The built-in 512 KB memory supports 5 sets of profile storage functions. Players can switch in real time during the game and support the import and export of profile settings files. Players can also automatically transfer the appropriate profiles according to different EXE files, which is very convenient.


Page setup wirelessly

On the wireless settings page, users can adjust the mouse idle time, the brightness of the ARGB light effect, or individually turn off the LED light ring under the mouse, leaving only the scroll wheel and the DPI indicator light to improve battery life.

Cooler Master MM831 toy mouse

Price: 590 HK $

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Editor’s comment:

I tried the Cooler Master MM831 Hybrid Radio Racing Mouse. The hybrid connection mode is really convenient to use. I can use a USB-C cable to connect to a computer at home and use a 2.4 GHz wireless connection. The specifications are excellent and the price is reasonable. .

Text: KK Wong / Test Center

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