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Common Diarrhea, "intestinal sputum", emotional stress, stiffness in the intestines – Zhongshi News


Common Diarrhea and Fear of "Intestinal Sputum" Emotional stress is the intestine of the intestine. (Picture / Dazhi image / provided by shutterstock)

Contemporary people are preoccupied with their lives, have an unbalanced child and work under pressure, are prone to stomach disorders, prisons, and other symptoms. Frequent walking of the toilet is incredible. Ioutuber "Ricks Time" has released a video that reminds people that "regular diarrhea" at work "intestinal sputum"!

Common stomach and diarrheal pains are often considered bad stomachs, and it is not effective to eat medication without any choice. "irritablebovelsindrome" (IBS) is at work.

"Eschemia" is a syndrome that combines many different symptoms. The main symptoms of the intestinal fistula include "abdominal pain, bloating, constipation," which may be associated with abnormal colonic contraction. Emotion, stress, prevalence rate in Taiwan is 10 to 20%, hairy group is 30 to 50 years old, eating habits are not normal, pressure of life candidates and overburdened office workers, but fortunately, a "big irritable disease" It's just benign a disease with dysfunction, and can be improved if you face patience and in the right way.

The diagnostic criterion for "maximal irritable bowel syndrome" is to feel discomfort in the abdomen for at least 12 weeks or more than 12 weeks a year, and the following symptoms are repeated:

1, abdominal pain or bloating, the solution is improved

2, the number of bowel movements has changed, such as constipation, diarrhea (more than 3 times a week)

3, the shape of the chair changes, such as lumps, soft chairs, water

4, the defecation situation changes, such as forcible discharge, urgency, defecation is not pure

5, a chair with mucus, or a mucilage-like stool solution

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