Tuesday , November 24 2020

Hong Kong media: Mainland China compiles list of “elements of Taiwan independence” to impose harsh sanctions for secession-Cross-Strait-Wang Pao crime

Hong Kong media reported that relevant parties on the mainland are studying and formulating a list of “Independence of Taiwan” deaths. Serious sanctions will be imposed on key supporters such as those involved in independence, independence seekers and their financiers, including the Anti-Secession and Criminal Code, the National Security Law relating to the “crime of secession” and other provisions brought before justice and lifelong accountability.

Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao reported today that “the relevant channels (pipes) have learned that” in order to combat the rampant activities and arrogance of Taiwanese independence forces on and off the island, the relevant land authorities are studying and formulating a list of Taiwan’s independent states. “

The report pointed out that in response to the frequent risks and provocations of the “Taiwanese independence” forces, the mainland offers various types of disciplinary measures and appropriate tools to “provide Taiwanese independence with separatist forces through a frontal attack.”

The report states that the competent authorities on land will take effective measures such as harsh sanctions in accordance with the Law on Prevention of Secession, criminal law and “secession crimes” of the Law on National Security, including effective measures such as bringing to justice in accordance with with the law and the implementation of lifelong life. responsibility

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