Saturday , August 20 2022

IKEA will announce next month a smart speaker, but the smart curtain will be delayed by the end of this year.


Since IKEA announced two years of cooperation with Sonos on the development of smart speakers, we only received sporadic news and we have very limited information every time. However, as IKEA confirmed that it will officially launch this SIMFONISK speaker in August this year, it will begin to have more eyebrows.

IKEA finally confirmed today that it will publish a SIMFONISK speaker at the FEEL HOME fair in Milan in the coming month, which can easily fit into home decoration, and more importantly, it can be used together with Sonos wireless speakers and IKEA smart lighting products . You can also use Google Assistant, Alec or Siri to help you control it.

It is a shame that the two smart curtains KADRILJ and FIRTUR, which were previously accidentally exposed, postponed the arrangement that was supposed to be sold in Europe in the last month in April and in the US at the end of this year. If a friend intends to convert his home into the entire house of the IKEA smart house, it may take a little later for this to happen.

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