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L4D2's new "Back 4 Blood" information revealed, along with Varner Bros to create a new generation of zombie shootings | T Kebang

New work of the L4D2 team Earlier it was said that he would develop Turtle Rock Studios in the Left 4 Dead series, a new FPS shootout was being prepared, and official information was finally discovered in the near future.

This is officially set to "Nekt Generation Team Shooting Game" "Back 4 Blood" (not surprisingly called B4B), led by the production team "Left 4 Dead", can basically be considered a "Evil Forces" series. The continuation of the spirit, the same as the main The background of the real person who fights against zombies.

Turtle Rock Studios said in a press release that the "Back 4 Blood" original IP was developed along with the film giant Varner Bros., and "Left 4 Dead 3" has nothing to do with the past work, but in the game. It will include the latest development techniques and the stunning art style of Turtle Rock Studios.

Phil Robb, co-founder and creative director of Turtle Rock Studios, says the team will not be happy about the success of the previous "Left 4 Dead", and will try to take advantage of everything they learned in the past to lift their work to new heights, even if it's Exceptional difficult task.

In addition, designer Chris Ashton also said that Turtle Rock Studios has more than 10 years of experience in developing games, and many ideas about zombie games, and now they finally have the opportunity to show their talents. More importantly, they will design a game from a player's perspective and listen to voices from the player's community.

At the moment when the new title of the game is announced, Turtle Rock Studios is also preparing a simple FAK to dispel the current suspicions about players in connection with the Back 4 Blood.

More importantly, it was determined that the game will be available on PC, KSBOKS One and PlaiStation 4 platforms, and PVP and mode will not be absent. In addition, the development team did not rule out the addition of a micro-transaction system to "Back 4 Blood", a large escape route was directly rejected by Turtle Rock Studios.

"Back 4 Blood" is still in the early stages of development, and the time has not yet been announced for placing it on the market and determining prices.

Source: Turtle Rock Studios

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