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Li Kinghua is involved in greed, there is no reason, nor the court will be arrested – politics


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Li Kinghua is involved in greed, there is no reason, and the court will not be arrested

Li Kinghua, a former Kuomintang lawmaker, is suspected of using a fake aide's manager to pay more than 5.3 million yuan to pay the monthly maintenance of a former woman of 100,000 yuan and travel expenses abroad. Although Li denied the law. However, due to evidence such as the testimony of the witness, the prosecution was persecuting him in September for crimes such as the crime of corruption. Li Qinghua did not go freely and was not in court. The judge will ask the police to arrest him at the court session!

It is understood that, when the prosecution investigated, Li Kinghua once went only to the case, the prosecution initially wanted to agree to challenge the witnesses, but he did not appear, and the court was opened yesterday afternoon and legally summoned, and Li is not yet and the judge should be twenty. On September 6, the court will be closed again, and the arrested police station under the authority of Li's house will be arrested, and the insured will be informed to invite Li to the case. If the case is legally summoned and the absence of arrest, the collegial panel will either escape or hide and be released in accordance with the law.

Local people .. I have not seen Li for a long time.

The reporter was called Li Kinghua and a former assistant to the congress, but they could not communicate. Local people in the district said Li Kinghua was expelled from politics since the defeat of the legislature. Local people who worked with Li did not see him for a long time. Some unnamed sources found that after losing Li Kinghua had heard of the United States for some time and did not contact him after returning home.

In the investigation and prosecution investigations, from January 2007 to January 2016, Li Kinghua was sent to work as a female director, the surname of Dong and Ding surname assistant, and to hand over personal account to three spouses as an assistant candidate. The monthly subsidy for public assistance from the legal yuan is around 20,000 to 80,000 yuan. A false statement is a total of 532,394 yuan, which is used to pay a monthly fee for the maintenance of a former woman of 100,000 yuan and travel expenses abroad. In September this year, the prosecutor's office sued Li Kinghua for the crime of corruption and forgery of documents.

Li Kinghua, former Kuomintang lawmaker (informative photography)

Li Kinghua, former Kuomintang lawmaker (informative photography)

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