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Luo Jiaren handles the ball and violently sends 4 dead balls to 7 hitters-Apple Daili


Fubang's auxiliary pitcher Luo Jiaren will help Lamig in the 9th game after the first striker Lin Dazhan hit the ball, took control of the ball and even sent four dead balls, which not only caused a full base but also gave the opponent t 1 point , even for 3 years, the team was rejected, Luo Jiaren wanted to have a different attempt in the new season, trying to get rid of the impression that everyone had a speed in the past and wanted to show the difference in speed. Zhou, in order to get into the list of the first quarter of the season, the ball must be strengthened.

Luo Jiaren went to the Australian match after the end of the season, where he talked with pitchers from various countries and said that the speed of the ball is not a problem for him. This year, he wants to change the throwing strategy and make it difficult for the opponent to change the speed difference. Teacher, I talked to many people in an Australian position, I especially learned the ball, but because I have a game in Australia, now I feel a little tired, but he said that the season is already playing, but still has to be adjusted, the game is still Always To compete, but in today's situation, he said: "I do not know why, I want to put a good ball, I can not vote in it. Today, I mainly test the ball for changes, including the ball, the ball, the ball to change the speed , etc."

Chief coach Chen Lianhong believes that the situation of Luo Jiaren is good or bad, the speed of the ball exists, but the control of the ball must be strengthened. (Report Luo Huiling / Kaohsiung)

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