Thursday , October 29 2020

Muddles South Korean Iu in a few days, Korean dust dug up fourth black history of Vu Zijie – Politics – Zhongshi News

Some netizens dug Vai Zijiu through black history (photo / flip from Facebook)
Some netizens dug Vai Zijiu through black history (photo / flip from Facebook)

Vu Zijia, a well-known mouth, broke the news that there was an affair with South Korea Iu and even an illegal daughter, not only that South Korea Iu and Li Jiafen had to admit, but also the citizens of the network dug up the previous judgments of Vu Zijie, that it is simply meaningless and ruthless.

South Korea's Iu said he was duped and accused after taking office, but could not tolerate his family, so he would no longer insist on love and tolerance, he will surely admit Vu Zhiu and believes that he can only return the legal remedy to his innocence .

In this wrath, Han powder dug up the previous judgment of Vu Zijie. In December 2017, in the case of a new donation of gold, Vu Zijia erased Ma Iingjiu and was sentenced to a compensation of 1.8 million and apologized in March 2019 for charges Zhang Jingsen In connection with industrial interests, he was sentenced to 200,000 yuan and apologized. In May of that year, Xu Liming, deputy mayor of Kaohsiung, was sentenced to 350,000 yuan. In the end, he was informed by the mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen Ju, that he agreed to the terms of settlement. Therefore, the court is annulled.

Netizens also called on South Korea to eventually sue, defend its innocence and sanction the name of the news.

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