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British media reported that Beijing's Xi Jinping in September held a speech on "self-confidence" in Heilongjiang. The CCTV report removed the content of "foreign technology is getting harder to get". The analysis considers this speech to be equally concealed to recognize the theft of foreign advanced technologies.

On November 12, the British Financial Times reported that Xi Jinping held a speech in Heilongjiang Province in September, and called on state-owned enterprises to develop advanced parts to be imported.

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Xi Jinping also said that in the international arena, advanced technology and key technologies are becoming increasingly difficult to gain, making Beijing follow the path of "self-confidence."

According to the report, CCTV's Nevs Netvork then deleted part of "Xie Jinping's Word is Hard to Get" and kept only a statement of "self-confidence."

The same method was used by the foreign version of the party KPK, Narodni dnevnik.

Observers interpret this, reflecting the concern of the organization's propaganda propaganda that this speech will be recognized as recognizing that China uses forced and stolen funds to acquire foreign intellectual property rights, which the White House and West Society have always condemned.

Although the CCP official refuses to recognize the theft of foreign technologies in public, many of his related statements have confirmed this.

Since the outbreak of a commercial war, Beijing emphasizes the "protection of intellectual property rights" and "the protection of legitimate interests of foreign companies in China", in response to the US condemnation of intellectual property rights of the CCP and compulsory technology transfer.

However, foreign media say that since joining VTO Beijing, it has been "committed" to protecting intellectual property rights, but has never been fulfilled.

A few days ago, senior officials in Beijing met with former US Secretary of State Kissinger in Beijing and stressed that they hoped the United States would "respect the development path of the Chinese election."

The CCP official previously promoted the "Current Roll" by "using the Chinese technology market" and "introducing Western advanced technology." This is considered to be the "development law" that the CCP should have.

(Reporter Mu Fengiu report / editor: Ming Ksuan)

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