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Retirement and Concentration as Woman Zhuang Jiarong Fights for "Pregnancy" – Zhongshi Nevs


In 2007, Taiwanese professional female player Zhuang Jiarong won two Masters of Australian Open and US Open, and at the end of last month announced his retirement via Facebook, and mentioned the support that fans gave him over the years and made it feel emotionally. On the other hand, tears were in her eyes. As for the retirement plan, she smiled and said: "If you do not think too much, you may try to" be the first "!

33-year-old Zhuang Jiarong revealed that retirement was announced later than was originally expected. Initially, he had to hang shoes at the age of 26, "this time I actually ate scales and retired." Come back, I feel incomprehensible, so I really put my heart and I do not want to go back. "

Zhuang Jiarong attended the Veider Mingde Happi Cup competition Taipei International Vheelchair Tennis Open today played the role of Lu Jiaii, the hand of Rio Pao, and the feeling of the game was still there. She said, "The decision to retire is in fact a lot of support and respect. My choice, in fact, is afraid of such a reasonable approach, I even have to go to the notary of marriage, since the clerk becomes a wife, together they will announce a retirement decision."

Zhuang Jiarong also said that although the number of fans on Facebook and Instagram is not too awesome, it's a warm space to interact with everyone. Jiarong immediately thanked the fans and thanked the fans: "Thanks to the fans for the rest. Even if I met so much, I still did not disappoint me, I was very touched, they all gave me a very positive message. Although it was a small world, I could not answer the message one by one, but here is the power that will not be easily ruined. "

Although it was decided to relax, tennis was still a necessary part of Zhuang Jiarong. Asked about the meaning of tennis for her, she replied: "Tennis is a part of my life, it can be said that without tennis there is no me. I am still concerned about the game at heart, sometimes I look and think:" Last year I swam "I miss the gameplay experience. Although I am still a player, I will be tired, it's a contradiction!"

Many players will decide to be coaches who will inherit their experience in order to continue their participation in the sport. Zhuang Jiarong said: "I am not a training plan, I really do not know much, but I will do my best if I need it. I can help, and I am very pleased to share what my future generations are willing to ask me."

Zhuang Jiarong said that in the past, when he was a professional player, he was most interested in cooking, after getting married, interested in cooking, trying to cook, because her husband plans to go to the United States for further study, she needs to follow. Project, "But I love children very much, and I'm not too young, I hope I will have good news as soon as possible."

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